Helpful Tips for Your Career Search

As you take a look at a few of our current openings, check out this list of tips I have shared with candidates over the years that will help in your preparation for your job search. This is not an exhaustive list, but it’s a good start. Please call me with any questions or comments. I am more than willing to talk more and figure out what is best for you and your specific job search. Having connections is good!

Resume Writing

–  Be specific, but not long winded.

–  Don’t copy and paste if you have the same responsibilities for multiple positions.

–  Use chronological formatting.

– Use bullet points. It’s easier to read quickly.

– Start each bullet point with an action verb. Make sure the correct verb tense is being utilized.

– It’s ok to go over one page if you have the work history for it.

– Use an easy to read font like Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri.

– Font size should be between 10 and 12.

– Do not remove your contract positions. Contract positions fill the areas that otherwise would show you were unemployed. They also show additional skills you may have gained in your work history.

– Leave your date ranges on each position.

– Show all of the positions you have had at each company. This shows your career movement and advancement within an organization.

– SPELL CHECK! Read over your resume to check for errors and send it to a friend to review.



– Dress professionally. Error on the side of too dressy than not unless otherwise directed by the employer or recruiter you are working with.

– Research the company prior to going to the interview.

– Be prepared to ask the employer questions. This is a huge point that some people miss. It’s possible you’re being critiqued on if you do ask any questions. It’s also your opportunity to make sure this company is a good fit for you. It’s just as much you interviewing the company as it is them interviewing you.

– Be yourself.

– Make eye contact.

– Don’t look at your resume for reference if you bring one along.


– Be prepared to talk about your previous experience, reasons for leaving jobs, and what you can bring to the table.

– Compensation may or may not come up. Be prepared to discuss what you’re looking for in your next move. Get advice from a recruiter (preferably me) on what the market is paying for the kind of role so that you don’t price yourself out or don’t sell yourself short. It’s possible they’ll ask about your current compensation, so be prepared with that information and why your expectations for your next move are what they are.

– Be confident, but not a know it all.

– Practice makes perfect. Practice with a friend, recruiter, or in a mirror.

– Watch nervous ticks like leg shaking, playing with your hair, touching your face, or saying “um.”

– DO NOT talk poorly about a previous employer. Ask a colleague or a recruiter if you need help explaining how you left a previous job if it was a sticky situation.

– Send a thank you note. Email is an acceptable form of communication for this.

– First impressions matter with the interviewer as well as the reception area. When you arrive to your interview, be kind and introduce yourself to the receptionist. Do not play on your phone while you are waiting. Engage in conversation. Managers will ask how you behaved while waiting.



– Contact your references and ask for permission to be used as a reference.

– Have three references ready to go with at least one of whom you reported to during your career.

– Current or most recent contacts are the best to use and who can speak to your current skillset best.


Use a Recruiter

– Searching for a new job is a full time job in and of itself. Utilizing a free resource like Aureus Group is an excellent way to get your name out there.

– We can go over all of these tips I mentioned above in more detail.

– I will be able to share as much information and details about the position and company as possible.

– I am here to help with the interview and to talk before and after to discuss your likes and dislikes.

– I can help with the hard conversations and negotiations that come along with numbers and compensation.

– I do all of the leg work. You tell me what you’re interested in and I go find it, present it to you, and get you all set up for interviews.

– I will only send you to companies and positions you’re interested in and have given me permission to do so.

Chelsea Liska

Chelsea has been with Aureus Group since September 2011, and currently is an Account Manager for the Iowa market. Chelsea works with clients to discuss their staffing needs and assist in finding them the perfect candidate to join their team. She loves when she is able to use her skills to help someone and give them an amazing experience in their candidate and career search. Every day Chelsea gets to be a part of a company that is building into her so that she can build into others. When she isn’t working, she is active in her church. Chelsea loves being active and playing volleyball, golf, softball, snowboarding, working out, and hanging out with her friends and family. Binge watching her favorite shows is definitely a notable skill! She is personally and professionally committed to being an “Energy Ambassador!”

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