How to Stay Positive during Your Job Search

Even with all of the snow the past few weeks, spring is right around the corner. Spring means new beginnings, new life, and greener pastures on the horizon. If you are in a job search rut, it is time to look forward and reframe your thoughts about your search. Often times as a job search progresses, it can turn from exciting prospects and new opportunities into an energy draining and frustrating process. A few interviews in and no movement forward can be interpreted as a personal blow to your value and accomplishments. If those sentiments ring true right now, here are a few pointers to help keep up your confidence and positivity during a search.

Be Objective

Jobs are not just about skills. Culture is very important for a position. This is one of the many reasons people are looking for a new role. Having knowledge of a company is different than being immersed in their culture daily. The company is the expert on their culture and you are the expert on the culture you operate best in. Your personal skill set may be right in line with the position, but culture fit with the organization, team dynamic, and the person you will directly report to may not jive on either side. It is perfectly reasonable for a company to not move forward with someone just as it is for you to pass on them based on culture fit. Not everyone is a match and being objective, just like with a first date, is important. Both sides come together with open minds and have no expectations of a long term commitment at hello so they can objectively evaluate the chemistry. If there is a parting of ways after the initial conversation, both sides should be appreciative that no one entered a long term commitment with reservation.

Be Patient

Often when people come to us, we hear about their frustration in not finding a position. When asked how long they have been looking, they have just begun their job search four weeks ago. The right culture fit, right team, and right skills don’t always fall in alignment right away. If you are choosing to make a decision that is a major life event – a job transition – don’t be in a rush. Openings at companies can change daily, and this is a chance to take a breath and look at your long term goals and assess which direction is best for your career. Disappointments in the moment do not invalidate your past achievements or future potential.

Be Selective, but Open

Applying to every position that looks like it may be in your space of expertise doesn’t always produce the anticipated results. A lot of applications, time, and effort go into that process and then you may hear very little in return. Corporate recruiters may be evaluating another 100 resumes that came in for that specific role. Do your research about the company. Is it an industry specific role? Is your skill set truly applicable to what they are looking for? Does your resume reflect the specific skills, software, and experience level needed? Truly look at the role and put yourself in the hiring manager’s position. Have you presented yourself in a way, that as a hiring manager, you’re the person that is the best fit for that role? Put your efforts into the positions your achievements are best aligned with.

Think back to the recruiters who have called all of these years that you may have ignored? Pick up the phone and reach out. They are well versed about the companies in the local market as they are having conversations directly with the hiring officials. They also have an in depth understanding of the open positions and other candidates currently looking in your field. Ask them for feedback and about what companies they see you being a fit in. They also can look at your skill sets and suggest some roles or career paths you may not have considered. This can open doors you did not know were there. Fine tune your search and be in control of your direction.

Don’t let frustration impact you moving forward in your job search. Reframe your thoughts toward the positive. Negativity will come out in your interviews and can potentially harm you in your search. Your accomplishments and work history have value. Be confident in how those accomplishments will impact the next organization you are with.

Monya DeBoer

Monya joined Aureus Group as an Account Manager in 2018 after working as a Senior Executive Recruiter in banking. She has also worked on an internal Talent Acquisition team, served as a Director of Human Resources, and has been a business owner for 12 years. Her combined experience provides a robust understanding of organizational goals, corporate structure, and the intricacies of team dynamics.


  1. Having being declined for what I thought was a wonderful fit for me, this article was uplifting when I needed it most! I’ve been looking for months and will stay on point for the culture, company, and location that I need for a successful career. Thank you!

  2. Judi-
    You are welcome, I am happy to hear that my words were well timed! The right position will come along and I wish you much success in your next steps!

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