How to Work with an Executive Search Firm and Why You’ll Benefit

Are you relying on simply posting your job and wading through “Craplicants”?

The cost of a bad hire can be devastating. It can cost you time, money, and a competitive edge in the market. Taking on an executive search completely on your own can also distract your senior staff from focusing on growth within the business while they search for the right talent.

Executive search firms are a crucial supplement to have alongside your own job posting efforts. They work mostly on a contingency basis. There is NO risk and you have EVERYTHING to gain from doing so. Retained searches can be useful when the urgency is higher and when there are fewer qualified candidates for a particular position needed within your company.

Seek out a firm that has experience placing candidates in positions similar to your open position in your industry. As you interview different firms, look for industry experience, recruitment strategies, network, and reach. Additionally, select a firm that will represent you and your organization’s culture in an ethical and honest way.

Save Time. On average, the time from an interview to an offer is about 25 days. You quickly lose a large amount of time analyzing the position, posting the job, gathering and reviewing resumes, and scheduling interviews. Specialized staffing firms possess a network of qualified and screened candidates for their positions. Search firms also work extensively with active and passive candidates in their markets, giving you access to a broader range of qualified talent. Having a partner who is proactive in the recruiting process quickly cuts your costly down time and additional burden on other staff in your organization.

Deep Networks to Find Talent Quickly. Executive search firms have spent time and effort and possess a dynamic and ever evolving “go to” list of talented professionals. Quite simply, they have more time to source passive candidates.

Negotiation. Often, a hiring manager has to guess the motivation of a candidate. A candidate is more likely to share with a search consultant why they would like to make a career move. Therefore, the recruiter acts as a third party negotiator concentrating on bringing a mutually beneficial relationship.

Awareness of the Industry. Search consultants continuously speak with a wide variety of candidates each day. They are aware of your competitors. They are specialists with a finger on the pulse of your industry, and they know what it would take to remove a recruit from your competition and place them in your hands as an employer.

Craig-Raridon-150x150Craig Raridon
Craig joined Aureus Group’s Finance and Accounting team in February of 2015. As a seasoned professional, Craig brings more than 15 years of sales and leadership experience, which includes time spent with a top financial institution in the payment industry. With a degree in marketing from Drake University, Craig strives to establish and maintain relationships with talented executives and top-tier companies throughout the Midwest with an emphasis on the Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas City markets. He gains success by seeking out meaningful conversations while listening and being responsive to the needs of his clients and partners. Craig is very supportive and involved with his two daughters as they compete in dance.

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