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Interim Staffing – Make It Work for You!

Have you ever contemplated using interim staffing? This is an option many of my clients use for a variety of situations. If you have never utilized interim staffing, you could be missing out on a valuable resource!

What is interim staffing? 

Interim staffing can provide additional support to a team for a period of time. We have clients who utilize interim staffing for a few days and those who use interim staff for several years, depending on the current needs of the business. We have interim professionals at all levels from entry level to the C-Suite.

Why use interim staffing?

Many of my clients utilize a team of interim professionals during a software upgrade/conversion. Their permanent team is able to step away and focus solely on the project and the interim team can manage the day to day to ensure it is running smoothly. Another reason would be to cover FMLA or extended vacations. Many tasks can’t be put on hold for an extended period of time and by bringing in an interim, there is not a huge backlog of work upon the person’s return.  

This is also a good resource to use during the hiring process. Let’s say your Payroll Manager just gave notice and you know that the hiring process will be at least a few weeks. Payroll is not a function that can wait and by bringing in an Interim Payroll Manager you ensure your employees get paid on time while you focus on hiring the next person. You may even find that the interim employee is a good match for your now open role! The other benefit here is that your current team won’t be tasked with taking on additional projects while you manage the hiring process. It can help avoid employee burnout!

Interim staffing can also help bridge the gap if you think you are ready to add to your headcount but aren’t quite sure if you need a full-time employee. You can bring on an interim and evaluate the needs of your department before committing to a full-time hire.  

Tax season, year end, and special projects also utilize a lot of interim professionals and some are requested year after year.

Why would someone do interim project work?

There are so many reasons to be an interim! Interim roles will offer up a new challenge and keep your skills fresh. You will get exposure to new industries, new software, different personalities, and not to mention the networking aspect of it all. Often times interim roles offer more flexibility or a better work life balance that may suit the interim’s needs. Aureus Group has several candidates who work specifically on an interim basis and are always ready for their next project. Aureus Group also offers and pays for a portion of benefits for our interim staffing professionals which increases retention on short or long term projects and makes it more likely that they will see the project to completion. These professionals enjoy the project aspect of it and will work very hard to accomplish what you need them to do!

The next time you are faced with a staffing challenge, consider bringing on an interim employee! 

Lisa Waite, Aureus Group

Lisa Waite, Aureus Group
Lisa has been with Aureus Group since April 2007 and is a Sales Manager for the Omaha market. She specializes in contract/temporary staffing and enjoys helping her clients meet their goals on projects and interim needs. Lisa has more than 10 years of experience in the staffing industry within finance and accounting, and she loves working with her clients to learn about what type of person would best fit their team. One of her favorite things is building relationships with clients and candidates and then watching them progress in their careers. An Omaha native, Lisa also enjoys spending time with her husband and two cairn terriers, running marathons, and traveling to explore new places.

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