Keep your career vibrant

The end of the year is often a time of reflection on the past and planning for the future. Some of us make our New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, read more, or a variety of other things to improve ourselves in one way or another. But, are you neglecting your professional health? Taking an inventory of where you are in your career and assessing your professional needs for the future will have a lasting effect on your overall well being.

Add this annual professional check-up to your routine to make sure your career isn’t on the critical list.

Ask yourself these six key questions at least once a year:
• Am I achieving my job objectives?
• Have my career objectives changed?
• Is this job meeting my expecta­tions?
• Am I doing what I’m good at and enjoy doing?
• Are my skills up to date for this job and organization?
• How can I best achieve career satisfaction either on this job or in another job or career?

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