Moving Up in a Downturn

Downturns are a recurring fact of life in every industry. Sooner or later, the demand for products or services decline or evolve, regardless of the state of the economy as a whole. Some industries and geographical regions have obviously been affected more than others during the latest downturn. But every company/leader should exploit industry downturns and harness unique opportunities for upward mobility. Talent management is a huge variable that will continue to rise to the forefront as an area where opportunities can be gained.

Aureus Group enjoys the unique opportunity to work with a variety of industries from healthcare, financial services, business services to manufacturing, all dealing with a diverse range of employees, size, and sales volumes. As different as they are, most share similar challenges to future growth. Many companies agree that the number one challenge is attracting and retaining talent. The second challenge – appealing to all four generations in the workforce – directly impacts challenge number one.

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