Navigating the Hiring Process

Chances are that if you are reading this blog, you may have recently been through the hiring process. Although on the surface it may seem simple (post a job, interview a handful of candidates, make an offer, pick a start date), the actual process of hiring can take on many twists and turns and leave you asking ‘what just happened?!’ I have been in the staffing industry for over a decade and would like to share some insight on how to navigate the hiring process to make sure at the end of the day you and your new employee are both feeling good about the process and excited for the opportunity to come.

Job Descriptions

Take a look at your job description. Is this a cookie cutter job description that you use for each position or have you really conveyed what you are looking for this position to accomplish? In my opinion, it’s better to focus on those main responsibilities that you are looking for and discuss those more thoroughly in an interview. Just like a resume that may not list every single task that a person does in a day, your job description doesn’t have to be all inclusive of each minute of the day. These are great points to discuss during the interview. Share what this role looks like day to day and learn more about what the candidate is looking for.


Speaking of interviews, take a look at your interview process. Does your company streamline the interview process as much as possible or are you asking the candidates to come back in, multiple times, to meet with multiple people? Candidates today are interviewing multiple places and getting multiple offers, as well as receiving counter offers. If possible, make the process easier for them and schedule a half day that will allow them to meet with everyone they need to in one sitting. If that doesn’t work, think about offering alternative times to do the interview. Coffee before their work day starts or perhaps a final interview after normal business hours. A little flexibility in scheduling can make a world of difference to the candidate and make your company stand out. Ask questions that make sense and help you learn more about how this person can fit in your company. Find out about their skills and daily processes and what type of role best suits them. I often hear hiring managers tell me that they enjoyed the interview but didn’t ask the questions that will help them know if they are a fit. Stick with those questions and conversations that help you learn more about them. It’s great to find out what type of animal the candidate would be (actual interview question) but wouldn’t you like to know more about the projects you would be asking them to do?


You have been through the interview process and now have identified the individual you want to make your offer to. How exciting! You call them up and give them the details and they decline. You are taken by surprise. What happened? Did you put your best foot forward and make the candidate a great offer? Most likely your offer won’t be the only one they are considering and they will be weighing everything about the offer. Important note, it doesn’t always come down to the money. Sometimes the candidate is excited about the industry or the team or the opportunities ahead and compensation is one piece of the puzzle. I have seen companies treat the offer stage as a dance and offer the candidate lower than they asked, only to expect them to come back with a counter offer. This can leave the candidate feeling less than stellar. They either have to ask for more which makes some people feel uncomfortable, or they accept the lower offer which can lead to the feeling of being taken advantage of. Or they may decline your offer altogether! At any rate, this can make for some awkwardness before they even start and could cause the candidate to keep one toe in the water for a job that offers more of what they are looking for. All of this can potentially be avoided by making a fair offer that highlights any company benefits that may win them over. Don’t take the chance and lowball the candidate you have worked so hard to find! Make one offer that they will accept and welcome them to your team!

Hopefully this will help you in your interviewing process. It can be a complicated, time consuming process but hopefully at the end of it, you will have a happy, long term employee who is excited about their new role!

Lisa WaiteLisa Waite

Lisa has been with Aureus Group since April 2007 and is a Sales Manager for the Omaha market. She specializes in contract/temporary staffing and enjoys helping her clients meet their goals on projects and interim needs. Lisa has more than 10 years of experience in the staffing industry within finance and accounting, and she loves working with her clients to learn about what type of person would best fit their team. One of her favorite things is building relationships with clients and candidates and then watching them progress in their careers. An Omaha native, Lisa also enjoys spending time with her husband and two cairn terriers, running marathons, and traveling to explore new places.

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