New Year’s Resolutions – NOT!

This time of year, many people make New Year’s resolutions, and there are a ton of articles written about that. I’m NOT going to write about New Year’s resolutions! Instead, I prefer to see what I accomplished in the past 12 months and determine what I’m going to do in the next year. It’s more useful for me to think about GOALS instead of resolutions. Maybe it is for you too?

Now, our Managing Director, Chris Carlson, always tells us to not spend too much time “looking in the rearview mirror” and I totally agree with that. However, in order to know where you want to go in the next year, you need to take a quick look at where you’ve been and where you are today. It’s good to review and ruminate about what you’ve accomplished this past year or where you may have fallen short.

There are libraries filled with books on goal setting. The process can be so involved that it’s overwhelming and becomes a deterrent. Let’s keep it simple and effective; goals should be realistic, reasonable, and attainable. In Stephen Covey’s book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, he says to “begin with the end in mind.” Envision what you want and make a plan to get there. Here are three easy steps:

    1. Start small with daily and weekly goals. Don’t try to eat the elephant all at once! A daily goal is something you can achieve and you have all day to do it. It will give you a sense of success and motivate you toward achieving weekly and monthly goals. Before you know it, the year is done and you’ve been successful at attaining your goals!
    2. Write down your goals, read them often, and tweak when necessary. There are all kinds of stats about how this increases your chances of success. Just do it.
    3. Don’t stop – try and try again and keep going. Know that it’s going to be hard at times, but do it anyway. This will set you apart from everyone else.

    That’s all folks, simple as pie. Have a wonderful, prosperous, and enjoyable 2019 – you got this!

    Linda Aughenbaugh

    Linda has been in the recruiting and staffing industry for 30 years. She has been with Aureus Group’s IT/IS division for more than eight years in several different capacities, including Account Manager, Recruiter, Recruiting Manager, Branch Manager, and Executive IT Recruiter. Linda has held different positions with other firms as well, including Franchise Owner of a franchise staffing service for nearly 12 years, Director of IT Contract Staffing, and Branch Manager. She has received numerous awards and has achieved President’s Club seven times. She has a true passion, determination, and drive in helping people improve their career situation and for finding the right talent at the right time for her clients.


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