Not Happy with Your Job? Three Ways to “Get with It”

Most of the people I talk to who are ready to leave their job are unhappy about something. Maybe it’s a boss that they never seem to connect with or the feeling that they are underpaid. Perhaps it is a feeling of underutilization of skills or a long commute. Happiness, being a feeling, is like love or hate. Impossible to define, but you simply know it when you feel it. The most obvious symptom when related to your employment is an overwhelming dread of Sunday afternoon and an irrational elation of Friday afternoon. Of course, there are people who are going to be unhappy anywhere doing almost anything. Misery truly does love company. If you feel unhappy in your job, you have two very distinct options. Get with it or get gone.

The “get gone” philosophy is easy to understand. After all, it is light years easier to avoid all the conflict and just leave. The vast majority of these people will never find the pot of gold they seek. They will just hop from place to place with the same basic reason for leaving job after job. Interestingly, when I ask what they tried to do to improve the situations very few ever have any kind of coherent answer. Every meaningful opportunity in life and in your career is going to involve some struggle. Opportunities are in every intersection of choice and they are all equally important. There may come a time when it’s time to move on, but not before you make every effort to “get with it” first.

Here are three basic ways to “Get with it!”

  1. Fix you first – Think of a time when an office drama you were caught up in prevented you from doing your best. If any of the people who were involved are still there, tell them you are sorry and be specific about why. The value of a sincere apology has no expiration date and almost without fail the person you are apologizing to will counter with one of their own. Overcoming conflict starts with being sorry, and heals over time when the same mistakes stop happening and trust is built. You will be amazed at how cleansing this is! This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of course. Fixing you never stops because we are human. But if you are constantly empathetic you will act with others in mind over yourself.
  2. Know what you are best at and what you like the most – Always know what in your job you positively rock at and try to do it as much as humanly possible. Urge your boss to put in a position of success by letting you do these things. If critical tasks remain that you just can’t enjoy, Jedi mind trick yourself to do them well and gradually work on cooperatively finding others in your office who perhaps like those things more than you.
  3. Know why your role is important – On command you should know exactly why what you do is important, and be able to articulate it to anyone. You should know the critical components that make it essential to the success of the organization. If your job is to pay invoices to vendors, you should know that without happy vendors you cannot properly manage the supply chain and logistics landscape. One vendor that does not get paid, or perhaps just not paid properly, can result in their withholding key shipments that result in an inability to fulfill a major order. A great Accounts Payable clerk knows this and draws energy from knowing their importance to whole process.

Empathy, self-awareness, and role clarity. If you have these three things your Sundays will be just as good as your Fridays.

Nate Elgert, CPC

Nate joined Aureus Group in 2006 and has exclusively been serving Nebraska customers all across the state. In his role as Sales Manager, Nate leads an elite team of recruiters and account managers who source accounting and finance talent within all industries. This talent ranges from technical individual contributors to executive finance leadership.

 Nate has earned the prestigious “President’s Club” award three times, which puts him in upper echelon status among not only his Aureus Group peers, but also in the staffing and recruitment industry. He attributes his success to a transparent style of communication and a sincere belief in pairing the best interests of his clients with that of his candidates on every occasion.

Prior to his time at Aureus Group, Nate carved out his skills in the banking, advertising, and retail industries. These growth experiences led Nate from Kansas City to Des Moines to Phoenix and then back to his original home in Nebraska. Nate holds a bachelor’s degree in communication studies from The University of Missouri at Kansas City and is a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) through the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS).



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