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Moving Up in a Downturn

Downturns are a recurring fact of life in every industry. Sooner or later, the demand for products or services decline or evolve, regardless of the state of the economy as a whole. Some industries and geographical regions have obviously been affected more than others during the latest downturn. But every company/leader should exploit industry downturns

Staffing Industry Analysts

According to Staffing Industry Analysts, 73% of companies (with 1,000 or more employees) said they would grow their contingent workforce by a median of 25% between late 2008 and late 2010.

Reenergize your career

Whether you’re a rocket scientist or a bean counter, you’re at risk of coming down with the career blahs if you’re not careful. To prevent burnout, take some time each day to figure out what you can do to reenergize your career. Here are some ways—large and small—to give yourself a shot in the arm

Midwest States Among Most Fiscally “Happy” in Country

Although the national unemployment rate continues to rise, now at its highest level in 26 years according to a recent article posted on ABCnews.com, the Midwest has something to celebrate. MainStreet.com has named Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas the top three happiest states (fiscally) according to its new Happiness Index. The Happiness Index, based on unemployment rates,

Online Social Networking Sites Transform Job Search

Word of mouth has always been a powerful marketing agent. When marketing yourself and your skills while searching for a new employment opportunity, the power of “word of mouth” is recognized through the reach of your personal and/or professional network. Web 2.0 and the social media wave is changing the networking game. A recent Business