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A Sea of Green: Aureus Group Bags Take Over at HDC

It was pretty hard to miss the sea of neon green Aureus Group bags that began to fill the Qwest Center for Omaha’s Heartland Developer’s Conference last week with the region’s top developers attached at the wrist. All in attendance got a bag, including our fellow sponsors and associates in the marketplace. Those who stopped by our booth got candy bars, earphones, pens, and the understanding of what Aureus Group is all about: staff augmentation. As usual, the event was a great opportunity for us to build on our existing relationships and to meet some of you for the very first time.

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Not a Well Kept Secret Anymore: Increased Relocations to the Midwest Improve our Talent Pool

Ten years ago I told my brother (who lives in Florida) that someday people would realize the Midwest is the very best place to live. Even though I said this with a chuckle as we threw our fishing lines into the ocean, I believed it. Today this comment is coming to fruition. Our firm has historically been known for relocating people back to the Midwest after they left to gain experience and live the big city life. Staff, senior level and executives with roots in the Midwest usually come back. The difference today is that individuals who have never lived through a winter or experienced a city without a subway system are actively searching for a new career in the heartlands.

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Aureus Group partners with National Banking Network

As one of the region’s leading staffing and employment firms, Aureus Group leverages its valued partnerships with leading companies to offer outstanding opportunities to the area’s most qualified professionals across various fields. These partnerships, coupled with Aureus Group’s exceptional service, are the reason why professionals turn to us time and time again to assist them in taking the next step in their career.

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Social Networking for Busy People Panel Discussion a Success

With more than 300 million active users on Facebook, according to the Web site’s fact page, and LinkedIn members growing monthly by 1.1 million users, social networking is here to stay, and it’s not just for kids anymore. The fact is more and more businesses are integrating social media into their traditional marketing practices and professionals are using online social sites to network, find jobs and promote their personal brand at increasing rates. With this, how can busy professional ensure they are using social networking sites effectively? Where do we even start?

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Corporate Philanthropy Feels Good

Corporate social responsibility: three words that can make a world of difference to a large group of people. At C&A Industries, Inc., parent company to Aureus Group, corporate social responsibility is more than just the latest buzz word. Here, employees and management give back in various ways, some big, some small, but it is always more than the simple action of check writing (although impact full never-the-less). For C&A employees, social responsibility has become part of who we are as a company and is ingrained into C&A’s corporate culture where it can make the biggest impact.

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