REady, REset, GOal! REpeat!

Goals, goals, goals, we deal with them all the time—our companies want them, and we set them in our personal lives as a guide for progress toward accomplishments! We set goals daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and beyond. Short term goals are generally top of mind, and they are usually something we want to accomplish today or this week. But I want to focus specifically on reevaluating beginning of the year goals. The ones we created as we were thinking about our resolutions, thinking about our year ahead in 2021. Our personal yearly goals and professional career goals.

Hopefully you have stayed in tune with your goals to this point, but if not, it is a good time to review. As we all know, things are ever changing. What has happened since January could make completing your goals look very different from when the year started. That’s why mid-year is the perfect time to reevaluate, reset, and reenergize our goals to keep moving forward. If we don’t, it can and will hinder progress and often times we stop trying to reach our goals all together.

Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule about how to reset and get back on the path to obtaining your goals, but there are things to keep in mind that can help. Here are six tips to keep in mind when reevaluating your goals!


I want to say this first off! Just because you have not made the progress you would like does NOT mean you have failed. It just means it’s time to take a look at what is in place now and make some adjustments. Look at it this way, you have not failed, you have successfully identified areas for tweaking for improvement!


Take a look back and see what you have accomplished, are you on track? Do your goals set previously align to where you are headed? Have you made progress? This answer may be “yes”, or it may be “no” or it may be “some.” Were the original goals attainable? Were they too broad? Do you need to be more specific? These are all great questions to ask yourself.


In order to continue progress, identify any areas you may have fallen behind on due to changing circumstances. Is that anything you identify that needs to be adjusted? What has changed? How will that affect moving forward? What has worked or not worked in the steps to advance? Maybe it’s the approach you took or the time you allowed. What about the pandemic and post pandemic outlook, how has that changed what you originally were doing the first of the year? Will that change anything moving forward?

Obviously, lots of things can come into play and have an affect, maybe it is health related or company changes.


Make new goals with the modifications you identified necessary. A reset means you have made your adjustments and now have a refreshed path to move forward and continue progress.


Have you actually put your goals down on paper? If so, are they in a notebook buried in your desk wait? Or are they in front of you on sticky note so you can see them daily and be reminded of what your goals are? I have mentors in my life that do this very thing, and they are the people that MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! For them, it goes something like this:

Write out specific goals, keep it front and center to see it daily for a constant reminder, take action to progress toward goal, and soon the goal is completed and checked off. Guess what? Now there is room for a new goal!


You reviewed, revised, reset, and made your goals visible and now have a fresh start! You have what you need to continue progress! Keep at it, you have six more months to meet your yearly goals!

I’m the first to admit, I am a work in progress. I have my goals written down, but not always at my fingertips. If they are not right in front of you, they are not top of mind and get the attention they need. The chances of obtaining them are higher if they are looking at you every day! You can then mark your progress and make specific notes and adjustments along the way! There are lots of resources out there on goal setting, resetting, and reviving your goals. Explore what works best for you, but do take time, it is worth it. Can’t wait to see how the next six months go for you!

June ChristensenJune C. Christensen, Sr. IT Recruiter

June joined C&A Industries in 2006, where she began her recruiting career staffing nurses with Aureus Nursing. Continuing her recruiting career, in 2011, she joined the Aureus Group at C&A and has been recruiting IT Professionals since! With a variety of background and years of experience in recruiting, June continues to meet both client and candidate experience and expectations. As a Senior IT Recruiter, June enjoys working with a variety of IT Professionals from Developers and Quality Assurance Professionals to Project Managers, Business Analysts, Software Architects, and more! June loves being able to work with candidates and clients each and every day. To get the opportunity to work with candidates and helping them reach their family and career goals to matching those professionals with clients and filling critical needs, this is what makes her job rewarding and her every day extra special!

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