Remaining Flexible Amid a Pandemic

This week is the start of a new school year for my children. Two are remote learning and one is in school. Many things are not the same as they used to be for them, and this year will look different than any other year. Kudos to all the teachers, families, and educators adjusting and being flexible!

Companies are also adjusting with the times and the shifting job market. Hopefully some of these changes will stay long term and we will see the benefit in the future.

Two of the biggest questions I hear as I am recruiting right now is 1) Are there remote work options and 2) What is the plan if school is cancelled? People are apprehensive to switch positions when family care is uncertain and potentially will be an issue. Remote work and flexible scheduling is something we see more now than we ever have. If remote work is not an option, companies have plans in place to accommodate for family care if school schedules change.

At Aureus Group, we work with many of these companies. Employees are demonstrating they can be productive and contributing members to teams, even in remote environments. However, remote work is not for everyone. There are people who thrive in the in-person workspace and love the face-to-face interaction with others. But longer term, having flexible options for those who excel in remote work and for those who enjoy in-person work would be ideal.

Another recent shift is that in the past when I have spoken with people from out of state considering jobs in Nebraska, they have always had a connection here. They either lived here previously or have family here—I came to Nebraska for the same reason. I grew up in San Diego, but we would come every summer and over the holidays to visit family. I liked the change in seasons, the cost of living, and it has been a great place to raise kids. In the last five months, I have had weekly conversations with people looking to move to Nebraska from out of state. There is no connection to Nebraska, though, just that the cost of living is low and our unemployment rate is lower than most of the U.S. They have done some research and Nebraska looks like a good place, including the rural areas. What can this mean for us? Attracting additional candidates for the state can bring diversity in not only people, but thought processes and ideas as well.

How have you been flexible in the last six months and what positive things would you like to see stay in place in the future?

Monya DeBoer, Aureus Group

Monya DeBoer
Monya joined Aureus Group as an Account Manager in 2018 after working as a Senior Executive Recruiter in banking. She has also worked on an internal Talent Acquisition team, served as a Director of Human Resources, and has been a business owner for 12 years. Her combined experience provides a robust understanding of organizational goals, corporate structure, and the intricacies of team dynamics.

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