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The last week and a half has been a roller coaster of emotion and a test of everyone’s ability to be flexible and open to change. We are now living in a completely different world where our time is spent in our homes, we are facilitating education for our children, and we are navigating through how to work with a large portion of the workforce being remote. In-person contact is drastically limited, and how we function as a society has changed. At some point this will again shift directions, but finding ways to be flexible is important. 

Compassion is one of the keys I have seen demonstrated in the last few days. I have spoken to so many people who are now working remotely with kids and pets in the background. The apologies for noise are starting to decrease as this is being accepted as our new norm. Finding balance also looks different. I personally have written out an hour by hour schedule for my kids to follow during the day—they are late elementary and middle school, so I can trust them (mostly) to do this. We have designated check-in times and they know not to interrupt if I am on the phone. That has helped me have large chunks of time dedicated to work. For younger kids, routine is important as well and may consist of more interactions and breaks during the work day. All of us understanding life has shifted, which is paramount to getting through. You may be speaking to a parent cooking a grilled cheese while on your call and that is ok right now on both sides. The important part is that we are available and business is still moving forward.

Some people are worried about their jobs, the economy, or the industry they work in. Luckily, companies are still hiring and looking for flexible and innovative ways to bring people on board. Interviews via Skype or Zoom, remote onboarding, and remote training are all options. This is an opportunity for many organizations to look at how to best utilize their workforce in the face of unforeseen circumstances. In the future we will see a number of creative and innovative options emerge for how to conduct business. Some really great opportunities are out there and can be taken advantage of by embracing change.

As we move forward into the uncertainty of how long this will last, take advantage of the positive time with family, be compassionate to others, and appreciate all that you have. We will all be changed by this in the future as employees, as employers, and as people. Take care, stay well, and look forward to the days we can all see each other in person again.

Monya DeBoer, Aureus Group

Monya DeBoer
Monya joined Aureus Group as an Account Manager in 2018 after working as a Senior Executive Recruiter in banking. She has also worked on an internal Talent Acquisition team, served as a Director of Human Resources, and has been a business owner for 12 years. Her combined experience provides a robust understanding of organizational goals, corporate structure, and the intricacies of team dynamics.

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