Show the love…be a SMOVER!

It takes less energy to pack parachutes than it does to deflate them. You know who you are. Are you a neigh sayer or dream squasher?

Recently, Jill Idelman, Sr. Project Manager with Aureus University, asked team mates to share what they wanted to get out of the professional development program. As I listened to the responses, it was evident that each person was going to get out of the program exactly what they expected. It’s elementary – you will get out what you put in. Jill begins many of her training programs with a refresher on Smile & Move – a reminder to happily serve written by Sam Parker. She has inspired me to use this tool to kick off presentations, team meetings, coaching opportunities, and to share it with you.

Smile & Move is all about attitude and action. Click here to view a short YouTube video.

You can quickly identify “SMOVERS” (one who smiles and moves) in any crowd. They are resourceful and resilient with no excuses. They encourage everyone to greater levels of service and contributions. They provide solutions instead of complaining about their challenges.

My Dad was a “SMOVER” but didn’t even know it. He told me a long time ago, “What you are is a gift. What you do with yourself is your gift back.” He also told me to “fake it until I made it.” His quotes were endless and “you can take that to the bank.” I was fortunate to have a jolly mentor who believed failure was a part of the journey and it energized him to try again.

I’m thankful for all the “SMOVERS” in my life. Let’s all be “SMOVERS”…today…and tomorrow will be designed by us.

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 – 1882), American Writer and Activist

Chris Carlson, Managing Director
Chris is an experienced executive in the staffing industry. She has developed operational analyses, implemented programs /compensation plans, and has assisted hundreds of firms streamline processes and upgrade the competencies of its workforce. Finding innovative ways to generate new business, isolate top talent, and build teams is her passion. She has designed and executed many successful strategic marketing /recruiting plans and promotions. Chris began her career at Aureus Group, a full-service professional recruiting firm, in 1994 and currently serves as the managing director of Aureus Group specializing in the Finance and Accounting, Information Systems, and Executive Leadership roles in all industries including; Healthcare Administration, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Commercial Services, and Manufacturing

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