Signs that it’s Time to Consider a Career Change

I recently read an article on that talked about signs to watch for to know when it’s time to start looking for another job. While everyone gets in a rut sometimes at work – some stay in that rut and don’t get out of it. Here are some things to watch for that might mean it’s time to consider making a career change.

You lack passion. Your work performance is suffering. Remember when you started your job and you were so excited to get in there and learn new things, offer your creative ideas, and make an impact on the organization? That feeling is now gone, and you struggle to meet the daily requirements – quite simply just because you don’t want to.

You’re miserable every morning. Your alarm goes off and you hit ‘snooze’ seven times. You drag yourself out of bed 30 minutes later than you should have gotten up and you contemplate even showering because you really don’t care what you look or smell like. You no longer care about the outward impression you make to coworkers – or worse to clients. You literally dread going to work and try to think of believable excuses to call in.

Your company is sinking. If your company has continued to lay off employees, has an unclear path for success, or can’t seem to shake their budget problems, this may be a sign it’s best to get out before you go down with them. Don’t wait for the end. It’s best to get ahead of the game or you might get lost in the crowd in a flooded market of candidates fighting for the small number of available local jobs. You have less negotiating power when the market is flooded and waiting too long may mean you need to look outside of your area for the right job or settling for less than you know you can do.

You really dislike the people you work with and/or your boss. There will forever and always be personality differences in the office. Set aside time to have a one-on-one conversation with your coworker and/or manager to address your concerns and try to come up with a solution to the problem. Always remember to discuss the problem and not the attack the person. My best advice is to learn how these different personalities work, and how you can effectively work together. Try taking a personality assessment. This is a great step when trying to resolve conflict between coworkers or management. Sometimes, however, things don’t improve – and you need to consider getting out before it turns toxic.

You’re consistently stressed, negative, and/or unhappy at work. Your work-related stress is affecting your physical health. For some jobs this is just the nature of the beast. But constant stress and being unhappy/negative all the time is bad for your health. You can try to relieve some stress by taking up a new, relaxing activity or working it off in the gym, but if the negativity is consuming your life and causing problems with your health and in your personal life then it’s time to make a switch. Perhaps this is the wrong career path for you? Maybe finding a different company or even a different team within your current company is the answer. You’d be amazed at how companies can do the same thing SO much differently! When interviewing, be sure that you are asking questions about their environment. Remember, you are interviewing them, too.

Your skills are not being tapped. You’ve maxed out your job responsibilities and have expressed interest in learning or doing more. Or you know you have more to offer than you’re able to show in your current role. Your requests to management have been ignored, and they have no clear path for advancement in your career. You’re being passed up for promotions and you aren’t being given challenging projects – even if you’ve asked for them. Not being challenged or given new tasks leads to being bored. It’s time to find something new.

Your job duties have changed/increased, but the pay hasn’t. We’ve seen this a lot when companies are downsizing and reorganizing. The team members that are left are now working double time with no additional incentives. Sometimes there is a plan and a light at the end of the tunnel, but other times there is not. There is no plan for this additional workload to end, and no plans to compensate you appropriately for it. This is especially a sign it’s time to go if the company is performing well and still not reflecting your efforts in your salary or bonus.

Looking for a new position can be a scary feeling, especially if you’ve been with your company for a long time. Finding a reputable staffing agency is a great first step. We are industry experts and know exactly what is going on in the market. We understand what it feels like looking for a new position, and are here to walk you through the entire process. We prepare your resume, get to know you and your background, and most importantly, what you’re looking for. We present you with opportunities that match what you’re looking for, prepare you for interviews, negotiate salary for you, and walk you through the entire onboarding process with a client (or stay with you through your entire contract). And the best part is it’s free for candidates! With an expert by your side, this process just got a whole lot easier. Do your research and reach out to a recruiter. We’re here to help!

Julie-Wesely-150x150Julie Wesely
Julie joined the Aureus Group Systems team in 2012. As a technical recruiter for our information systems team, she is responsible for sourcing, screening, and interviewing candidates for contract and direct hire job opportunities with our client companies within the Iowa market. Prior to Aureus Group, Julie spent seven years in internal recruiting for a company in Omaha, NE.

Julie works with multiple professionals such as desktop and web developers, BI analysts and managers, and architects. She truly has an interest in her candidates and in the staffing industry. She spends time with each candidate to understand their career goals and guides them through the next steps in their career path. Julie works hard for her candidates, taking the time to learn and understand the positions that she recruits for, which helps ensure that she is matching the right candidate with the perfect job.

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  1. Great article. I especially like the point about being constantly stressed, which is also related to emotional competence as a lot of stressed can be reduced by effective self management. This is why a lot of employers nowadays test your emotional competence via assessments. However, a well organized organizational culture is also related to that.

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