Social media is your best friend during a career transition

Social media is very popular in our society. People use Facebook to stay in touch with high school classmates; LinkedIn to connect with colleagues and other professionals in your field; and Twitter to follow idols and professionals. What about using social media while you are in a career transition?

How to use social media during a career transition:

  • If it’s not to network or utilize while you are looking to change careers, then you need to rethink your strategy because you are missing out. Social media is information at your finger tips. Do not be afraid to utilize your network on all social media sites and let them know you are looking to make a change.
  • When it comes to Facebook, most your profile is public by default so be careful when you are applying for positions that a potential employer cannot see too much on your profile (pictures, postings, updates, etc.). It could be detrimental to your job search if your Facebook is public or features unprofessional attributes about you.
  • With Facebook, be sure to utilize your network. You never know where an old classmate may be working. They may have a huge network in the field you are trying to get into. Friends on Facebook know you personally and  have more of a stake in helping you find a new career so use this to your advantage.
  • Have you ever Googled yourself before? If you do not like what you see or not much shows up in the search, then go and create a LinkedIn page. Once you do so, this LinkedIn profile will show up at the top of the Google search instead of the other things that come up with your name. Then when potential employers Google you, they will come across your great LinkedIn profile to help them better understand your skills and what you could offer their organization.
  • Another area to work on before applying or emailing your resume to an organization is to look up the hiring manager or company on LinkedIn. LinkedIn profiles allow you to learn more about the contact person before sending them your resume and cover letter. It allows you to customize that information by what you learn from their profile.

It’s all about who you know, right?  Don’t just use the connections you already have.  Figure out who you need to know regarding a certain opportunity and make that connection in whatever social media platform necessary. 

Social media can be your best friend or worst enemy during a career transition.  It’s your decision on how you want to utilize social media! 

Mandy Wehner

Mandy Wehner was born and raised in northeast Nebraska and is an Executive Recruiter with Aureus Group.  She has more than five years of recruiting and account management experience, including a prior career in the staffing industry where Mandy was an operations manager. Mandy holds a master’s degree in organizational development from Upper Iowa University and a bachelor’s degree in human resource management from College of St. Mary.  During her tenure with Aureus Group, Mandy has received Employee of the Quarter in 2013 and several internal recognitions commending her commitment to the C&A mission and value statements through her hard work.  Mandy is a member of the Human Resource Association of the Midlands (HRAM) and is involved in the Excel with a Mentor program.  As a mentor, Mandy is assisting an active duty service member in the community transition into the civilian sector.  Outside of work, Mandy is a dedicated wife and mother of two energetic twins.  She also enjoys reading a good book and playing volleyball.


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