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The staffing, recruiting, and human capital management industry makes a vital contribution to the U.S. economy. Most companies large and small across business sectors are partnering with a search and staffing partner to ensure a smart people strategy that is scalable to their business.

Here are some facts and statistics that may surprise you:

  • More than 16 million temporary and contract employees were hired by staffing services last year
  • More than three million temporary and contract employees work for America’s staffing companies during an average week.
    • Most work full time (76%), comparable to the overall workforce (82%).
    • Half of staffing employees (49%) say it’s a way to get a permanent job.
    • Nine out 10 said staffing work made them more employable.
    • One-third (35%) were offered a permanent job by a client where they worked on an assignment, and two-thirds (66%) of those accepted the offers of permanent employment.

Flexibility is the key reason for employees to choose a career as a “temp”, contractor, consultant, or interim executive (all can be used interchangeably) which makes up what is known as the contingent workforce. The difference is simply preference, length of assignments, experience level, and niche. For example, IT/IS professionals like to be called consultants typically on a three to six month project and seasoned professionals prefer interim executives vs. temp. The average wage is more than $17/hour and some make well above $100/hour. The bill and pay process is exactly the same.

The temp or contingent workforce works in virtually all occupations in all business sectors.

Here’s the national breakdown:

  • 37% Industrial
  • 28% Office–Clerical and Administrative
  • 13% Professional–Managerial
  • 13% Engineering, Information Technology, and Scientific
  •  9% Health Care

Does your organization use the contingent or temporary workforce in your people strategy? Before the budget time hits, it’s a good time to look at your high-potential talent, bench strength, and the required talent needed to meet your goals in this ever changing business climate. An ounce of planning is a pound of production.

Our customized services have evolved to be more flexible than ever before. We help companies and people achieve their goals by aligning “out of the box” solutions ranging from outsourcing the entire recruitment process including posting, screening, interviewing, referencing, and onboarding on behalf of our customers to the more traditional placement of “temp”, consultants or contingent, and retained agreements. Strategic partnerships provide cost savings, quicker time to fill jobs, seamless communication, and improve employer brands. How can we help you?

Source: American Staffing Association

Chris Carlson, Managing Director

Chris-Carlson-150x150Chris is an experienced executive in the staffing industry. She has developed operational analyses, implemented programs /compensation plans, and has assisted hundreds of firms streamline processes and upgrade the competencies of their workforce. Finding innovative ways to generate new business, isolate top talent, and build teams is her passion. She has designed and executed many successful strategic marketing /recruiting plans and promotions. Chris began her career at Aureus Group, a full-service professional recruiting firm, in 1994 and currently serves as the Managing Director of Aureus Group specializing in the Finance and Accounting, Information Systems, and Executive Leadership roles in all industries including; Healthcare Administration, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Commercial Services, and Manufacturing

In addition, Chris is a Certified Professional Consultant, and has an Executive Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

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