Ways to Take Advantage of a Recruiter in Your Career Search

How to Take Advantage of a Recruiter in Your Career Search

Normally, I would say I don’t like it when people take advantage of me! Of course, no one does, but what I am referencing is not the negative that may initially come to mind. I’m talking about getting the most out of the opportunity when working with a recruiter at a staffing agency. When you work with someone who has knowledge and insight in a specific market that can be beneficial in your quest for change and meeting your career goals, you need to take advantage of all they have to offer!

How can you truly make the most of what is offered through this relationship, though? In order to find the right career option, it will ultimately mean working together of course. While it’s a two-way street of being proactive, there are very specific things you should take advantage of that can give you an edge when exploring a new path in your career. 

Take Advantage of Someone Else Making Your Search their Priority

This can ease the stress of doing it all on your own. It can also increase your visibility in the market and get your skills noticed, offering more opportunities than through a solo search! It’s our job, so let us help you!

Take Advantage of the Partnership You Will Find in Working with a Recruiter

When you find a professional you really enjoy working with, who listens to your needs and takes action for you, you have trust in what they are doing and feel confident they are working in your very best interests. 

It starts in the beginning establishing your goals, and that comes through conversations and constant communication about your goals and expectations. Laying the cards out on the table early in a conversation is a must. Throughout the course of your search, things can change, but be sure to communicate fully:
⦁ What you are looking for.
⦁ What specific skills you have.
⦁ What’s really important to you.
⦁ What your future goals are.
⦁ Changes to any of these things along the way. 
Set your expectations and the consultant will do the same. Trusting each other to follow through with those expectations will set the stage for a quality partnership. Know expectations around:
⦁ Process
⦁ Timelines
⦁ Follow-up
⦁ Change in market/client expectations
⦁ Timely communication
This communication is key for success and ultimately helping you reach your goals. 

Take Advantage of Professional Knowledge and Expertise

A recruiter’s job is to share our knowledge, listen, and help guide the process and decisions along the way. Take advantage of market intel. We know what clients are looking for, changes in the market, market salaries, challenges candidates and clients face in today’s culture, the dos and don’ts of interviews, and so much more. Understanding how the market has shifted and how that affects jobs and searches are all important and valuable information. As a recruiter, I learn from you, too – from how things have shifted for you in this market to the latest and greatest technologies you get to work on!

Take Advantage of How Working Together Can Open a Door for You

Recruiters can open the door to a company you may not have been able to reach. We have relationships with hiring managers and the ability to get you connected with decision makers!

Take Advantage of Resume Assistance

Let us help show you how to best represent yourself on paper. We are all individuals, and showing that on a resume is important. However, there are certain standards in the market and skills you may not have thought to highlight. Having a professional eye on your resume can be helpful and make a difference in getting noticed!

Take Advantage of Interview Tips and Suggestions

Let us help you be the best representation of yourself in person. Resumes and interviews are our business, and we can provide resources about how to write a resume and the dos and don’ts of a successful interview. Even the most seasoned candidates tell me how much it is appreciated. Sure, they have the skills, but maybe it has been a while or there is something new or different from when they last had an interview. 

Plus, having the opportunity to gain insights around a client in what they are looking for is always beneficial when headed into an interview! I have candidates tell me all the time how much that helped them in being prepared for an interview!

Bottom Line

The next time you connect with a recruiter, think about these things and the advantages they will provide you. The outcome will be gaining a lasting professional relationship and partnership for a successful career move that’s right for you!

June C. Christensen, Sr. IT Recruiter
June joined C&A Industries in 2006, where she began her recruiting career staffing nurses with Aureus Nursing. Continuing her recruiting career, in 2011, she joined the Aureus Group at C&A and has been recruiting IT Professionals since! With a variety of background and years of experience in recruiting, June continues to meet both client and candidate experience and expectations. As a Senior IT Recruiter, June enjoys working with a variety of IT Professionals from Developers and Quality Assurance Professionals to Project Managers, Business Analysts, Software Architects, and more! June loves being able to work with candidates and clients each and every day. To get the opportunity to work with candidates and helping them reach their family and career goals to matching those professionals with clients and filling critical needs, this is what makes her job rewarding and her every day extra special.

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