The Communication Illusion

I recently had the opportunity to present at an AFWA (Accounting and Finance Women’s Alliance) event in Omaha. In my presentation, I shared five concepts for leaders to improve the alignment between their organization’s talent strategy and business strategy. I had a fantastic group of attendees who asked great questions and shared stories of their experiences. A common theme emerged in many of the stories that were shared…communication.

One of the attendees, a partner with a public accounting firm, shared that she has been disappointed with the results/work product of her team. She wanted to know how she could better communicate her expectations to get the results she is after.

Her experience reminded me of a quote from George Bernard Shaw that I have heard many times from one of my mentors – “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

All too often we leave a conversation thinking that we have communicated our exact expectations and believe that our audience (whether it’s one person or 50) fully understands what we need and expect from them.

In the effort to bridge the communication gap, I am sharing an article that I read recently. It sums up a few of the communication challenges that we face in the workplace and provides some suggestions on how to handle them.

Chris WalkerChris Walker
Chris is the Regional Manager of Aureus Group’s Finance and Accounting (AFA) division. As the Regional Manager for AFA, Chris leads a team of more than 10 professionals who provide staffing and recruiting solutions for all facets of accounting and finance. In addition to staffing and recruiting for accountants, auditors, financial analysts, tax professionals, controllers, CFOs, payroll, and human resource professionals, AFA also provides information on industry trends, salary and compensation, and assists clients with outplacement services.

Since starting with AFA in 2000, Chris has held many roles within the organization including account manager, team leader, sales manager and branch manager. She earned her Certified Personnel Consultant designation and is an active member of Central Iowa SHRM and the Iowa Society of CPAs.

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