The Lottery Approach: Dream Big, Risk Bigger

Life is such an incredibly fun and unpredictable journey of ups and downs. Joy fuels our passion with the occasional unfortunate misfortune or adversity sprinkled in. Most times we bounce back with strength and courage, another notch in our imaginary belts. The following is about the opposing circumstance and how to conquer the “big” things in life.

Any intelligent financial investor will tell you that the key to long-term success is a diversified portfolio of investments. Perhaps you’ve heard the old adage that one shouldn’t put all their eggs in one basket? Yet I continually see us approach our most intimate goals with reckless abandon, as if we’re heading to the casino with our dreams to see if we can beat the odds.

Financial problems are one of the leading causes of general displeasure and stress in a majority of people’s lives. We don’t have enough, have spent too much, are too far in debt, or wish we had more. So the mind starts thinking of processes that work to return to a place of greater comfortability. A calculated approach to saving more per paycheck, a conscious effort to cut back on spending, another job for means of increased income, etc. Time passes and some get stuck and others return to a place of comfortability. For those who wish to take that next step from the comfortable to the extraordinary, don’t stop the tendencies for which helped you recover and allow a habit to be formed. Herein is the quickest way to decrease risk for the purposes of turning dreaming into actualizing.

Another emotional motivator of humans is to be more beautiful and have a greater self-confidence about our physical appearance and holistic health. For those who are working towards a healthier version of themselves, sometimes referred to as ‘feeling or looking younger,’ I commend you for your efforts for you are in a percentile of people whom haven’t given up. Let us not gamble with our goals by thinking lasting change can be bought via throwing money at a product or program. Just as our financial problems are solved, the fruit of our efforts are found in habit formation. Initially we must commit to diversifying our portfolio of approaches to attaining our desired results. High cholesterol, poor blood pressure levels, extra weight considered to be unhealthy by a doctor, etc. Monitoring and making conscious eating decisions, exercising, taking medication, a more appropriate sleep schedule, and other approaches reach peak results when mixed and multiplied. Keep pushing and make sure we set it in stone in our minds.

Adversity is opportunity wrapped up and gifted to us as challenge. By no means is this coming from a person who has it all figured out or has mastered these approaches to thought. The feat is in a constant and unwavering commitment to improvement with a backbone of optimism. For then the downs aren’t so bad, the ups more joyous, and our dreams become our realities!

Nathan-Jones-150x150Nathan Jones
Nathan joined Aureus Group’s Finance and Accounting team in September of 2013. As a young professional, Nathan brings three years of sales experience, including time as a corporate recruiter for a direct sales company. With a degree in management from Midland University, Nathan focuses on fostering relationships with hard working and driven accountants of various backgrounds in the Lincoln and Omaha areas. He attributes his success to the desire to listen and develop specific creative solutions, providing meaningful and lasting impact with the people he works with. Nathan recently bought his first investment property and is continuously looking for opportunities to grow and challenge himself.

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