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Tips from a Recruiter: How I Stay Motivated Working Remote

Working from home is now our new normal and will more than likely be that way for the future. I sometimes find it difficult to keep my motivation while remote, and I’m sure I’m not the only one! Living life and working in the same place for over a year and half can be a struggle, as the separation between work and life slowly becomes blurry. While at times it’s hard, I’ve found some ways that help me stay motivated and productive.

One of the biggest things that help me stay productive is I like to schedule my day and have a plan, trying not to deviate too much from it if I can. Of course, there are things that pop up and they’re handled as they come. But I do find that having dedicated time to specific tasks, having a deadline, and a list are all beneficial. The most effective method for me is time-blocking, and it has helped me stay organized and task oriented, and I love being able to check things off my list!

Taking a quick break is another great way to reset and get back in a productive mode. I take 5–10-minute breaks sporadically throughout the day to give myself a chance to get away from my desk. It’s those minutes in our day when we were in the office, we would stop and chat with a coworker in the hallway. Now in this new normal, I use those few minutes to take a breather, sit, and relax.  Even something simple like switching over laundry or taking your pet on a walk can give you a little break from work, and it can still be productive if it’s on your everyday to-do list. Refocusing is huge, and our minds need to be in a good place so we can give it our all.

I think it’s extremely important to take a few minutes to center yourself. Having a routine and taking breaks is something that’s very important to me and I look forward to it in my day. After doing something outside of my office, I come back ready to complete the next task at hand. I, like many others tend to feel guilty for stepping away and taking a break, but I know that I need to do this from time to time for me to be giving the best version of myself. 

Neisha Rice

Neisha has been with Aureus Group since November 2017. She’s currently a Senior IT Recruiter, but her expertise goes beyond helping clients find top talent and candidates find their career match, as she’s also been a Front Desk Coordinator and Staffing Assistant with the company.

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