‘Tis the Season of Giving

Candidate/recruiter relationships are so important during your job search. The closer relationship you have with your recruiter, the quicker and better we are going to be able to help you find your perfect position.

I’m lucky enough to work with professionals who have anywhere from six months to 30 years of staffing and recruiting industry experience, and since it’s the season of giving I’ve compiled a few topics that we, as recruiters, wish our candidates knew.

Be honest and up front with us – This is important from the very first phone call. If you don’t want to go through our process or don’t really want to set up interviews with us, don’t make those commitments and not follow through with them. If you’ve agreed to take a temporary assignment, don’t back out at the last minute. Tell us what you want up front. Tell us your expectations and we will tell you ours.

When you’re not a fit for a role – If you ask about a position and we tell you that you’re not a fit, please don’t get angry with us. The nice thing about working with a recruiter is that we have strong relationships with our clients, which means we know the soft AND hard skills they are looking for in a candidate. We know that you’ve read the job description, but please remember that we know about the culture fit they’re looking for, we’ve been tailoring our search based on client feedback we’ve received on other candidates, and we’ve gotten to know you and know the things you are looking for that may not match up with this job. Please trust us and don’t go on the defensive.

Don’t read straight off of your resume – I quickly have lost count how many times I’ve asked a candidate to tell me about their experience and they read straight off of their resume. I understand you’ve built your resume to be a snapshot of your background, but we want more than a snapshot. We want the whole picture! We’ve already read your resume so we want to hear about the things you’ve left off. Not only do we want to know the ins and outs of your experience, but this also gives us the chance to prepare you for an onsite interview with a client because they will want an in-depth explanation of your roles as well. And on a side note, when we ask you to tell us about your history, please don’t respond with, “Don’t you have my resume in front of you?”

Be patient and kind – If you’re unemployed or in a job that you dislike, we understand how eager you are to get into a new position but please be patient and kind to us. From personal experience, I know the job hunt can be frustrating, but please remember that we want to help you!

Call us back – Candidates go “dark” and seem to fall off the face of the Earth more often than we like. If you’ve found a job or are uninterested in the positions we have, just let us know! Ignoring us and not showing us the same professional courtesy that we’ve shown you can hinder the relationship we’ve built with one another. A simple 30 second email or a couple minute phone call can go so much further than you might think! Just because you don’t need the help or we don’t have that perfect position right now doesn’t mean you won’t want our help later on.

We truly want the best for you, and we will try our hardest to make that happen. Hopefully this list of topics will make your job search with a recruiter much easier and give you the opportunity to open up your lines of communication.

Casey Simon

Casey has been with Aureus Group since November of 2016 and currently serves as an Account Manager for the accounting and finance team, working the Kansas City market. She has two years of experience in the staffing and recruiting industry and holds a bachelor’s of science in speech communication. She recently relocated to the Omaha area and is enjoying life with her new husband and their two dogs. In her spare time, she enjoys working on their new home, attending concerts, and exploring her new city.


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