Top 10 Anti-Resolutions: What to Stop Doing in 2022

We’ve all heard of New Year’s resolutions—they’re the goals we want to achieve to help us become the best version of ourselves. But what about anti-resolutions? While coming up with new things we want to try or be is great, sometimes it’s the things we need to stop doing that make us more successful. Here’s a list of ten anti-resolutions you should stop doing in 2022 to set yourself up for success in the new year!

  1. Stop setting yourself up to fail and set realistic expectations. When you do the best you can every day, all day, that’s 100% already and considered enough.
  2. Stop criticizing, condemning, or complaining. This is part of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and it’s still incredibly relevant today.
  3. Stop working in hyperdrive, and instead stop and smell the roses! John Madden‘s documentary, All Madden recently aired and people around Madden spoke about how he always took the opportunity to stop and smell flowers, and that’s what we need to do more.
  4. Stop putting everyone else’s needs first. In our current environment we, especially women, need to make sure our needs our met and we’re putting ourselves first, because that will in turn allow us to help others better. Let’s do more selfcare this year.
  5. Stop spending all your time sitting down and be active. It doesn’t have to be a lot but doing a little something every day will make you feel so much better.
  6. Stop working through lunch and take more breaks. We’re all human and need to relax to recharge—even the energizer bunny needs to recharge their batteries!
  7. Stop being afraid to ask for help. The people in your life want to see you succeed and they truly want to help. So, let people lend you a hand and don’t be afraid to ask for it!
  8. Stop taking yourself so seriously. Laugh a lot, laugh all day, laugh at yourself, and laugh at others. Laughing is the best medicine, so don’t take yourself too seriously.
  9. Stop overbooking your calendar. Unexpected things are going to come up. Plan for those, and then you’ll still be on target when they happen; plus, you won’t be too stressed out when they do.
  10. Stop worrying. We can only do what we can do, and we can only control so much. So, do what you can and don’t stress over what you can’t.

Hopefully these top 10 anti-resolutions set you up for success in the new year, because oftentimes the things we stop doing, are what help us become a happier, healthier version of ourselves. I wish you all the best in the new year—happiness, health, and prosperity.

Linda Aughenbaugh

Linda Aughenbaugh has been in the recruiting and staffing industry for more than 30 years. Linda has been with Aureus Group for nearly 12 years in several different capacities, including Executive Recruiter, IT Branch Manager, IT Recruiting Manager, Account Manager, and Recruiter. She has held many different positions with other firms as well, including Franchise Owner of a franchise staffing service for nearly 12 years, Director of IT Contract Staffing, and Branch Manager. She has received numerous awards and has achieved President’s Club 8 times. She has a true passion, determination, and drive for helping people improve their career situations. As for client companies/customers, no one will work harder or with more energy to find the right talent at the right time!

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