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Top Talent Knows How to Adapt. Do You?

Wow! We certainly live in interesting times. Over the past couple of weeks, most of us have been thrown into a well-executed scramble where we moved our work to our homes as a public safety measure. I am sure many of you are settled in and a few of you are still trying to find your way to an effective remote working situation. Did you happen to notice how many times you ran into an issue or a snag during this process? My guess is you found a way over, around, or through the obstacles in your way. Your ability to adapt was on full display and there is comfort in knowing you can find your way forward.

According to Software Advice 60% of hiring managers and recruiters have turned to using video technology when they need to carry out remote job interviews. (1)

Yesterday, I was provided the opportunity to participate in an online interview conducted by another company using Zoom. There were three of us interviewing a talented young lady who lives several hours away. I was amazed at the quality of the interaction and realized there was very little difference between this virtual interview and one in person. This was not a first interview but rather a final interview. The candidate was impressive and an offer is being made, all while maintaining our social distance. This was nothing new for this company as they have been conducting their hiring process this way for a few years now. I was left thinking – this is not a temporary fix but a quality solution that should be embraced as the norm.

In a survey of 506 companies, 47% use video interviewing to shorten the time it takes to make a hire, and 22% say that they would use video interviewing to help them reach candidates from other geographic regions. (2)

We have had conversations with many of our clients who are electing to freeze their hiring process or place open positions on hold. Meanwhile, other companies are adapting to the situation and finding a way to move forward with the most valuable resource we all seek. This top talent is not putting their career or job search on hold, but creatively moving forward with the interview process from the privacy and comfort of their home office. The best of the best know how to adapt, and the companies who find a way to engage them with an innovative hiring approach will not only deliver a quality candidate experience, but will also enjoy the rewards of winning the talent game.

57% of candidates prefer live video interviews, while 34% prefer in-person interviews. (3)

So my message to you is to stay healthy and find a way to adapt your hiring process so your company is ready for the big rebound ahead!



Bruce Peterson

Bruce Peterson
Bruce is the Regional Manager for Aureus Group and has been in the information technology field for 25 years. As a graduate of Iowa State University with a BBA in management and information systems, Bruce began his career as a programmer for Mutual of Omaha. For the past 19 years he has been a leader in the IT staffing and consulting business in Nebraska and the Midwest. He has been in various leadership roles ranging from talent recruitment and sales to human resources and operational management. 

At Aureus Group he leads the information systems and technology team, which is highly skilled in providing top talent to their clients under staff augmentation consulting or direct hire placement services. 

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