Trust in the Workplace — Do You Have it?

In the staffing profession, we have the unique opportunity to listen to employers and employees of all sizes, in all industries, at delicate cross roads. Whether an employee is considering making a move, or an employer is going to add or upgrade the competencies of its workforce, the majority of the time trust is an underlying issue that is commonly ignored. Repairing trust after organizational failures can and does positively impact moral, culture, customer experiences, and ultimately the bottom-line.

What is trust? It may feel mysterious and elusive, but in-fact we know a great deal about how it is formed, sustained, and recovered. It’s not that complicated. We have to initiate trust to be worthy of it. Trust is the belief that a teammate has technical competence to perform a task, combined with a team goal in mind and actions while portraying ethical principles such as fairness and honesty.

How do we earn or repair trust? Blending ability, kindness, and integrity is the secret sauce. Displaying ability, benevolence, and integrity in all you do consistently will lend you credibility as a trusted advisor. However, when one of these attributes slips, reputations suffer. Trust can obviously be remade, strengthened, or under-minded in every encounter you have.

An employer’s motivation to attract, hire, and retain professional top talent is mirrored by a professional’s motivation to excel and contribute within organizations. It’s not rocket science that the key to every company’s success is the caliber of its people. From what I hear on a daily basis from the “best of the best” in the niche markets we serve, the “key employee” dream wish list always has trust on the top. They want to be heard and trust that leaders will do the best they can to remove obstacles that stand in the way of collective success.  

“The Five Dysfunctions of Team” is a fantastic book that discusses trust as the foundation of every successful team. Our team has read and examined this book and we have even implemented many of the tools that we learned into our day-to-day activities during the years. Through facilitated workshops and by opening up dialogue, we have learned to be more effective and efficient by extending more trust and less judgment. This has helped us elevate our consultations with our customers and candidates as well. Helping each other look at things a little differently just may be the answer to our mission:  To be the staffing provider and employer of choice.

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Chris Carlson, CPC, Aureus Group Regional Manager

About the Author, Chris Carlson
Chris is an experienced executive in the staffing industry. She has extensive experience in developing and implementing operational analyses and programs and has assisted hundreds of firms streamline processes and upgrade the competencies of its workforce. Finding innovative ways to generate new business and build teams is her passion. She has developed and executed many successful strategic marketing plans. Chris began her career at Aureus Group, a full-service professional recruiting firm, in 1994 and currently serves as the regional manager of Aureus Group specializing in the Finance & Accounting, Systems and Executive search areas.

In addition, Chris is a Certified Professional Consultant, and has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

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