Twitter 101

Twitter—while it was launched in 2006 and gained popularity in 2012, it’s a new beast for some so I thought I’d take a minute to touch on a few things and provide a very brief Twitter 101.

First of all, you must understand the terminology.  Here’s a mini glossary of some of the basic terms:

Tweet—a status update that is 140 characters long

Hashtag (#) – allows people to search by subjects or keywords (a mini filing cabinet if you will)

Twitter Handle –your ‘username’ that starts with an @

Followers –connections that are subscribed to your tweets

Retweet (RT) – sharing of someone else’s tweet

Favorite – the star icon that is comparable to a ‘like’ on some of the other social media sites

Interacting on Twitter is easy and can be fun if you do it correctly. To tweet a message to someone, use their Twitter Handle followed by the message.  Here’s an example:

@aureusgroup What new jobs do you have available today?

Because we used their Twitter Handle, this will send an alert to the administrators of @aureusgroup’s account notifying them of the mention.  They would respond using the Twitter Handle that sent them the message followed by the response:

@kschmale Check out this listing for a new staff accountant!

The last thing I want to touch on (look for Part 2 in a future blog) are hashtags.  These have been adopted by Facebook and Instagram as well.  The easiest way to describe a hashtag is to think of a filing cabinet.  Let’s use #aureusjobs for example.  If you had a physical filing cabinet and the first manila file folder in it was labeled ‘Aureus Jobs’ everything with that subject or keyword would be in that file folder.  This becomes useful when you are looking for information on Twitter.  Let’s say you are searching for new opportunities and you want to see the latest Aureus Group opportunities.  You can search #aureusjobs on Twitter and our recent tweets with new job postings and other useful tips will come up all at once. 

Now, go check out that beast they call Twitter and see what all the fuss is about!  Get your feet wet and explore.  Have fun with it and stay tuned for Part 2 of my ‘How to’ blog.  Oh, and of course don’t forget to go follow @aureusgroup and check out #aureusjobs.  If you’re looking for information specific to one of our niches, check out @aureus_finance and @aureus_systems as well.  #HappyTweeting!

Kayla Hansen

Kayla Hansen joined Aureus Group Finance and Accounting in January 2012. She specializes in finding top talent throughout the Midwest including accountants, financial analysts, controllers, etc. for clients in a wide variety of industries.  Kayla has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and advertising from Wayne State College.  In her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband, Jason, and their dog, Gizzmo.  She also loves attending concerts, various sporting events, and is an avid DIY-er.  Kayla is an active Wish Granter through Make-A-Wish of Nebraska, and really values the time spent enhancing the lives of wish families throughout the organization. 

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