What Does Great Look Like?

Nothing in this world is written in stone. The beauty of this life is that every day is a chance to start anew. A chance to get better. Scott Frost, head football coach at Nebraska, recently said that he will never measure his team’s success based on what the win-loss record is or by how many championships they win. He said that championship teams get better every day, and that is what he expects from his players and coaches. An unyielding desire to improve.

These thoughts and news accompany a book I have been reading by Cy Wakeman called “No Ego”. Anyone who values leadership through accountability should read it. In the book, Cy poses a question we should ask our teammates and ourselves during times of performance review and evaluation: “What does great look like?” It is a beautifully simple question that offers us an opportunity to self-reflect on what “great” is and how close we are to it. The best teams are built upon a culture of self-reflection and awareness to know what “great” is for each individual in their role and a constant pursuit of that ideal.

  • “Great” is not perfection, and thus is attainable.
  • “Great” is not static and the definition for you will change as you evolve in your role and life.
  • “Great” is not found in productivity metrics, sales closed, or in the case of a football team – wins and losses.
  • “Great” is doing every detail in your job the best you possibly can in that moment.
  • Mostly though, “Great” is never giving up on getting better.

As a former college athlete and a current team leader with 12 years of experience in recruiting, I can confidently say it is in the choices we make where greatness is found. All of the truly top performers I have been around who have had sustained success made choices that are intentional toward reaching their goals. When faced with a tough situation, they choose to never make it about themselves, but rather about the people their choices impact. They are great teammates who provide a living example of what “great” looks like and they demand it of those around them through positive influence.

All of this starts with a simple question and self-exploration mission: “What does great look like for you in your role?”

Nate Elgert

Nate joined Aureus Group in 2006 and has exclusively been serving Nebraska customers all across the state. In his role as Sales Manager, Nate leads an elite team of recruiters and account managers who source accounting and finance talent within all industries. This talent ranges from technical individual contributors to executive finance leadership.

Nate has earned the prestigious “President’s Club” award three times, which puts him in upper echelon status among not only his Aureus Group peers, but also in the staffing and recruitment industry. He attributes his success to a transparent style of communication and a sincere belief in pairing the best interests of his clients with that of his candidates on every occasion.

Prior to his time at Aureus Group, Nate carved out his skills in the banking, advertising, and retail industries. These growth experiences led Nate from Kansas City to Des Moines to Phoenix and then back to his original home in Nebraska. Nate holds a bachelor’s degree in communication studies from The University of Missouri at Kansas City and is a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) through the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS).

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