What to Expect When Working with a Career Consultant

Recruiters, Talent Agents, Talent Acquisition Specialists, Career Consultants…I could go on and on, but these are all titles of individuals that provide career consulting.  Yes, there may be many different titles, but essentially the role is the same. But what exactly is a “career consultant” and what are you supposed to expect working with one?

What is a career consultant?

A career consultant is a professional that does just that, one who consults and provides direction and advice through career decisions.  It’s someone you count on to help you make a choices that will best fit your current needs and meet your career goals. 

When you are looking to have discussions about your career, whether you are talking about a career move, career advancement, career advice, or market intel, you are counting on an individual that you can trust.  Someone you can rely on to provide valuable, honest, and reliable information, who will give insight and direction in order for you to make the very best choices concerning your career. 

So, what should you expect when working with a career consultant?  

As a career consultant, I have the great opportunity to work with a variety of people every day, and it brings me joy to walk the path together with individuals who are exploring the job market, want advice on a resume, want to know what to expect in an interview, or how to navigate our new world of virtual interviewing. 

No matter you are seeking, your relationship with a career consultant should be one where you are valued and are given the right information you need and want to help you meet your goals and take you to the next step in your career journey. Every partnership is different, but there are few things you should have in a career consultant:

  • Someone that understands, listens, and is respectful of your needs and what’s important to you. This is something that needs to be number one!  It is very important to have meaningful and open discussions early in the process about what your goals and career objectives are.  What do YOU want moving forward for personal and professional growth?  This is the only way to successfully see to it that your next move will help align you to meet those goals.
  • Someone with industry experience or knowledge.  Someone who is knowledgeable in the market, knows what clients are looking for, and is up to date on industry changes is key. As someone who works with IT professionals, it’s important I know:
    • The latest technologies they should know about
    • The latest trends happening in the industry and local market
    • Who the clients are, what they are looking for, what the company culture is like
    • Specific job details, team culture, and growth potential
    • Resume tips, interviewing techniques, platforms, and what to expect with in person or virtual interviews.
  • Someone who is honest.  You want someone you can rely on to give you to most straight forward, honest information through the process.  If you are looking for resume suggestions, you expect honest feedback.  If there is something about a specific job you have a question about, but the answer isn’t known, it should be conveyed that they don’t know, but will find out.  I simply say, “I don’t know” and get back to candidates with the answer as soon as possible.  It’s ok to say if we don’t know something, as long as we follow up with the answers when we learn them! 
  • Someone who will follow up. Don’t we all appreciate someone that follows up when we say we will? I sure do!  That is probably the biggest subject point I hear.  Setting expectations from the beginning and following up when feedback is required is key to a healthy working relationship on any front!
  • Someone who is flexible with ongoing change.  To listen is one thing, but to follow through is another.  We are in a fast-paced world where goals and situations change all the time. Having someone listen to your new needs and being flexible to them is crucial throughout the process.

Depending on what point you are in your path, individuals are seeking out very different things. 

It is my hope as you seek professional career advice, that you get the best experience.  If you don’t get the treatment you need when working with a career professional, don’t settle.  The role is truly a career consultant, and if that’s not your experience, seek it out.  Career consultants are extremely valuable and helpful when it comes making steps on your career path, and you should have a positive and informative experience.

Are these expectations in line with what is important to YOU when working with a career professional?

June C. Christensen, Sr. IT Recruiter

June joined C&A Industries in 2006, where she began her recruiting career staffing nurses with Aureus Nursing. Continuing her recruiting career, in 2011, she joined the Aureus Group at C&A and has been recruiting IT Professionals since! With a variety of background and years of experience in recruiting, June continues to meet both client and candidate experience and expectations.

As a Senior IT Recruiter, June enjoys working with a variety of IT Professionals from Developers and Quality Assurance Professionals to Project Managers, Business Analysts, Software Architects, and more! June loves being able to work with candidates and clients each and every day. To get the opportunity to work with candidates and helping them reach their family and career goals to matching those professionals with clients and filling critical needs, this is what makes her job rewarding and her every day extra special!

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