What’s the Job Market Like Today?

As a Sr. Recruiter in Information Technology, I have people ask me on an almost daily basis “What’s the job market like today?” and “Is it a good time to explore a new job?”  I heard these questions often last year when the COVID-19 pandemic affected so many businesses, sending their employees home to work “temporarily” while our world’s health experts were beginning to learn more about this horrible virus.  Almost one year later, we still find many of us working from home.

In March 2020, many companies put their hiring on hold and began laying off workers. The U.S. Department of Labor noted April 2020 to be the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression at 14.4% in all jobs.  Of that, Information Technology made up 2.5%.  Slowly companies started their hiring again, but they found themselves needing to learn how to conduct virtual interviews and make hiring decisions, and in many cases, without meeting candidates in person. Once they had this hiring practice in place, they quickly realized the need to implement processes for onboarding virtual employees. This included shipping company equipment, technical access from home, and virtual training for new hires.

The U.S. Department of Labor reported as of January 2021, the U.S. unemployment rate is now at 6.7% and Nebraska unemployment is at 3% (lowest in the nation for the fourth straight month).  From my recruiter chair, I see many open jobs in the Nebraska job market and some of the most in demand jobs are in Information Technology!  U.S. News noted recently in their “100 Best Jobs for 2021” article, Software Developer ranked #2 on their list right behind Physician Assistant.  They stated 316,000 jobs across the country are projected in 2021.  Just this past week, I went out to Glassdoor and found 764 Information Technology job postings on their website located in Nebraska! 

Based on this information, I would say the Information Technology job market is “on fire”, especially in Nebraska, and not cooling off anytime soon.  Software development is certainly at the top of most companies needs in the Information Technology area.  .NET Developers are the highest in demand at-the-moment in Omaha, NE.  However, Java, Cloud, and Business Intelligence developers, to name a few, are right behind them.  “Hot” technology right now in software development is React, Angular, and AWS/Azure experience. 

If you are a Systems or Network Engineer, do not think your skills are going unnoticed.  Many companies have a need for Engineers that have experience in supporting Office 365, VMware, AWS/Azure and other systems/networks experience related to virtual access and keeping environments secure.   If you are wondering about remote opportunities, they are definitely on the rise.  Companies desire to keep their culture going through this pandemic and well beyond, but they are keeping an open mind on allowing employees to continue working from home once it is safe for offices to re-open.

Initially, many people I spoke with in 2020 were putting their job search on hold due to the pandemic.  As we head into a new year and new hope of world-wide distribution of COVID vaccine, more people are starting to begin their job searches again.  Now is the time to explore new job opportunities and the best way to do this is reach out to a recruiter in your niche!  If you are in the Information Technology field, reach out to us to start a conversation about your career interests so we can match you with the best opportunities.  Aureus Group has many clients who are looking for Information Technology professionals to fill direct hire, contract to hire and contract positions. The job market has multiple opportunities to explore, and now is the time to advance your career!

Renee Fox, Senior IT Recruiter

Renee is a Senior IT Recruiter for Aureus Group and has been in the staffing industry for the past 20 years. While she has resided in Omaha, NE most of her life, she has had the opportunity to recruit for companies across the United States, interview and hiring thousands of people for all types of roles. As a Sr. Technical Recruiter, she recruits IT/IS (Hardware/Infrastructure/Software) professionals and is responsible for sourcing, screening and interviewing top candidates for contract, contract to hire, and full-time job opportunities.

She also has her B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Kansas.

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