WOW – What an Incredible Candidate Experience!

Are you providing a positive (WOW) experience for every candidate? Every day, I talk to candidates who are job searching and to potential candidates that are not. You can imagine the things I hear about regarding what they’re experiencing as they look for their next career opportunity. Some of the feedback is good, much of it is average, but some of the experiences they share are downright bad.  Applicants want to feel valued, so if you are going to find the best talent for your organization, you need to make sure that your hiring process puts the candidate first.

Here are a few tips to improve the candidate experience for your applicants.

  1. Make a positive impact with your job posting. This is your first chance to market your company and create interest for a potential new hire, so make the job posting exciting. Tell them briefly about your diverse culture and the things your company has to offer. You have to sell your opportunity.
  2. Respond to every inquiry. Believe it or not, calling candidates on the phone is still the best way to make a connection, and it offers a much more personal touch. I can’t tell you the number of times that candidates tell me they’ve completed tons of applications and say, “You’re the only recruiter who called me.” Sad, but true. Understandably at times your workload is heavy and it’s not possible to call each one. At least acknowledge their inquiry with an email response.
  3. Treat every applicant as though they are your newest hire because they might be! Assume they’re a qualified, talented candidate that will fit right into your organization. Make sure to keep that in mind from the first step, until the last when they’re walking through your door on the first day of their new job!
  4. Make the application process as easy as possible and mobile. The last you want to do is make the application process complicated to complete. At Aureus Group, you can submit an inquiry, a “quick apply”, or an online application—we have lots of options. We’ll respond to you within 24 hours by phone, text, or email.
  5. When you’re ready to schedule them for an interview, give options and be flexible. Until we’re back in our offices meeting face to face, our next best option is to conduct a video interview. Not everyone has the same technology at their fingertips as you have. Or maybe they’re not in a place where they can conduct a video interview because their kids do online school at home. Ask them what will work best for their situation as far as technology, time of the day, etc. Let them decide. They will feel like you listened to their needs and you care. WOW!
  6. Be timely in your interview feedback. If you can’t give them an answer right away on the phone about the next step, tell them when you will get back to them and follow through with what you say you’re going to do. It’s all about communication. It’s okay to tell them “no”, but it’s not okay to tell them nothing or never reach back out to them.
  7. Be honest, respectful, and empathetic. These are very difficult and challenging times. Some people are looking for a new job, through no fault of their own.

Bottom line, the hiring process is all about the people, and you have to attract the best. That talented applicant (think potential employee) could take your organization to the next level, you never know. Create an incredible (WOW) candidate experience for every person. Use the Platinum Rule: Treat people the way they want to be treated.

Linda Aughenbaugh Linda Aughenbaugh has been in the recruiting and staffing industry for more than 30 years.  Linda has been with Aureus Group for nearly 12 years in several different capacities, including Executive Recruiter, IT Branch Manager, IT Recruiting Manager, Account Manager, and Recruiter. She has held many different positions with other firms as well, including Franchise Owner of a franchise staffing service for nearly 12 years, Director of IT Contract Staffing, and Branch Manager. She has received numerous awards and has achieved President’s Club 8 times. She has a true passion, determination, and drive for helping people improve their career situations. As for client companies/customers, no one will work harder or with more energy to find the right talent at the right time!

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