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Career Options

Aureus Group® offers flexible options to align with the vision you’ve set for your immediate and long-term career goals.

Our network within our practice areas runs deep. Whether your field is within finance & accounting, information technology, healthcare leadership, or you’re an executive seeking your next position, we’ll surface the opportunity that’s right for you.

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Direct Hire / Full Time

Our recruitment specialists will identify exciting and rewarding full-time job opportunities with leading employers. After matching you with the ideal position, Aureus Group will assist you in all aspects of the hiring process, including interview preparation, communication with the prospective employer, and negotiation of your salary and benefits package.

Interim Executive

Contribute your valuable skills and years of experience to an organization, during a period of change or transition. Your dedicated Search Consultant will work closely with you to surface employment opportunities that align with your background and your criteria.


Work with a potential employer for a pre-determined period of time to gain insight into the responsibilities of the job, work environment, and company culture before making a commitment. Once you and the organization mutually determine that it's a positive match, accept an offer for full-time employment.


Our clients have a variety of employment needs, including additional professionals for special projects or due to seasonal increases in workflow. Gain experience, enhance your resume, or add variety to your career by working on a contract basis.


Move your career forward. Acquire the best talent. Let's begin, together.

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