Aureus Group's employees of the quarter

Employees of the Quarter

Each quarter, Aureus Group® honors employees who demonstrate the highest level of dedication, integrity, and performance while on assignment in a consulting or project capacity. We’re proud to recognize those who represent Aureus Group and make an impact at our client organizations.

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Congratulations to these outstanding Aureus Group employees:

Employee of the Quarter

Li (right) with her manager, Barron

Li P.
Aureus Technology Employee of the Quarter

We are excited to announce that Li has been selected as the Aureus Group IT Employee of the Quarter! Li is a delight to work with and has been one of the best consultants I have worked with in a long time. She is so open and engaging every time we talk. I really enjoy working with her. I am not the only one that thinks so. Her manager shared with us, "Li has been a great addition to the team, she has been effective in completing her work assignments and demonstrates her teamwork, collaboration, and flexibility in meeting the team's goals, the division's goals, and the company's project goals and deliverables." WAY TO GO LI!

Employee of the Quarter

Employee of the Quarter, Scott

Scott M.
Aureus Finance & Accounting® Employee of the Quarter

Congratulations to Scott M. for being selected as Employee of the Quarter! Scott's manager had nothing but positive words to say about him. "He is consistent, works hard, and can be counted on to deliver the best one liners. He is great at communicating with me when issues need to be addressed, has continued to add new responsibilities, and now contributes to more sophisticated analysis as his knowledge and skills have increased and we have settled into our roles. I never hesitate to ask Scott what he thinks about a process, and truly enjoy our collaborative relationship. He has been invaluable to our workplace culture - his light-hearted one liners are a buoy in our office amid all the work." Congratulations, Scott!



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