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Employees of the Quarter

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Each quarter, Aureus Group honors employees who demonstrate the highest level of dedication, integrity, and performance while on assignment in a supplemental or project capacity. We’re proud to recognize those who represent Aureus Group and make an impact at our client organizations.

Congratulations to these outstanding Aureus Group employees:

Employee of the Quarter, Renee

Renee S.

Systems Employee of the Quarter

Congratulations to our Quarter 1 Employee of the Quarter, Renee! She has been employed with Aureus Systems for the last seven months and has truly done an amazing job! Here are some things our client had to say about her: "I appreciate that Renee is a self-starter who needs very little direction. Point her toward what you need and turn her loose - she gets after it! I appreciate that Renee is a team player who is willing to help others. She has a great sense of humor and has become an important part of our team. I appreciate that Renee is extremely organized and that she uses her experience to look for ways to improve processes. She is not afraid to challenge the status quo and look for opportunities to improve. We are very happy to have her as part of our team!" Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for representing Aureus so well! We appreciate all you do!

Kyle with Account Manager, Chelsea Liska

Kyle D.

Accounting and Finance Employee of the Quarter

Congratulations to Kyle on being Aureus Group’s Finance & Accounting Quarter 1 Employee of the Quarter! Kyle has been working with us for the last few months since graduating from school. He has been such a pleasure to work with, and we are so excited for him and his accomplishments so early in his career. Our client has been very appreciative of having Kyle on board. They had this to say about him: “Kyle is exactly what we needed in this group. He comes to work, works hard, and gets everything done. We are so excited for him to receive this award!” Congratulations again, Kyle, and thank you for doing such great work and representing Aureus Group so well. We appreciate you!