Success Stories

Nick E., Aureus Group Client

Omaha, Nebraska
“I have worked with colleagues of Chris [Aureus Group Regional Manager] prior to working with her...and her team. That is how I got to know her. Chris runs a solid operation with talented people working for and with her. The results of this team are a testament to her capabilities as a manager as we have hired some excellent people with Aureus Group’s help. I am pleased to endorse Chris and her organization if you seek good recruiting assistance for filling challenging positions.

Marsha L., Aureus Group Systems Client

Omaha, Nebraska
“Linda is focused and committed to the recruiting profession and is truly an expert in candidate targeting and sourcing. One of her many strengths that got my attention was the keen ability to take job specifications and match to candidate profiles at a high rate of success. We immediately realized value from her expert Internet sourcing. She tapped the passive candidate market and greatly increased our candidate flow of highly skilled consultants in a very short period of time. In summary I would highly recommend Linda to anyone.”

Jason L., Aureus Group Executive Client

Omaha, Nebraska
“Chris is one of the professionals in the search business who does it right. She invests in long-term relationships and believes in doing the right thing for her customer. Chris is very committed to her industry and her organization. She'll go the extra mile or miles for you to ensure that you get taken care of as a client. She's got a great deal of passion for her business and her customers. If you are looking for a search partner you can trust, I'd recommend Chris Carlson and her team.”

Julie H., Aureus Group Accounting & Finance Client

Omaha, Nebraska
“Nuria's recruiting style is outstanding. She works diligently to match the best candidate with the existing workforce and environment. You can count on Nuria, her words follow her actions. Nuria is a joy to work with. She is caring, giving and loyal to her clients and placement candidates. Words can't express the appreciation I have of Nuria's dedication, honesty and high standards toward excellence.”

Bill G., Aureus Group Accounting and Finance Client

Omaha, Nebraska
“Kara has always brought us high quality candidates that have the experience and expertise we require for the position. She has done the dirty work of a thorough background check and provides insight into each candidate. Our only job is to interview all the candidates and pick the best one.”

Bill P., Aureus Group Accounting and Finance Client

Omaha, Nebraska
“It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Christine and her team at Aureus Group. As far as staffing assistance goes, Chris and her team have far exceeded my expectations over the years. Any firm enlisting their services will enjoy the value-added benefits they bring to the table that are seldom seen within the third-party staffing industry. The most valuable aspect of my relationship with Aureus Group extends beyond the ability to staff positions using the highest of ethical standards and attention to detail. Instead, it resides in the countless times I’ve sought Chris’s professional opinion and consultation on unique and challenging recruiting situations. She has proven to be an asset not only to the various organizations I’ve worked with in regard to the time, money, and resources she provides them, but also as a trusted friend to lean on when resources are scarce and urgency is high.”

Aureus Group is a leading staffing and recruitment agency, specializing in the practice areas of accounting, information systems, information technology, and wealth management within a variety of industries. With more than 45 years of experience in talent acquisition, combined with extensive tools and resources, Aureus Group identifies outstanding opportunities for job seekers and highly skilled professionals for leading companies and businesses. Aureus Group offers a portfolio of customized hiring and career options to fit the unique needs of its customers. Solutions include direct hire, Match Hire®, and contract / supplement staffing. Aureus Group is based in Omaha, Nebraska with regional offices located in Kansas City, Missouri; and Des Moines, Iowa. Aureus Group serves clients and candidates on a national scale, surfacing talented and experienced candidates for finance and accounting jobs, IT jobs, IS jobs, wealth management jobs, health care administration jobs, as well as opportunities for executive-level leadership. There is never a fee to a candidate for our services.