Health Care Administration

The recruiting firm specializing in health care administration.

  • Hospital CEOs and Executives

  • CIOs and CTOs - Technology Leaders

  • CFO - Finance / Accounting Leaders

  • Group Practice Administrators

  • Department Chairmen

  • Vice Presidents Medical Affairs

  • Integrated Delivery System Executives

  • Revenue Cycle Directors

  • Health Information Managers

The demands placed on health care organizations today require the ability to meet superior patient care levels while achieving bottom line objectives. Strategic hiring has never been more important.

At Aureus Group, we understand the dynamics, the challenges, and the opportunities present in health care and the importance of the hiring timeline, whether for a full-time professional or on a contract basis. Recruiting leaders who will drive innovation, productivity, and employee engagement is our forte.

From a proven senior executive or an experienced upper-level manager, to an opportunity to join a leadership team, Aureus Group is the recruitment firm with the experience, the connections, and the tools to execute a successful employee or job search to and keep operations and careers moving forward.

Our skilled recruiters take a consultative approach to representing our clients and professionals, working one-on-one to determine long-term hiring and employment goals and identifying the attributes that make each unique.

Whether you’re hiring or in the job search, partner with the recruiting firm that handles your search with the same professionalism and thorough hand as we would if it were our own. Put your trust in Aureus Group.

Aureus Group is a leading staffing and recruitment agency, specializing in the practice areas of accounting, information systems, information technology, and wealth management within a variety of industries. With more than 45 years of experience in talent acquisition, combined with extensive tools and resources, Aureus Group identifies outstanding opportunities for job seekers and highly skilled professionals for leading companies and businesses. Aureus Group offers a portfolio of customized hiring and career options to fit the unique needs of its customers. Solutions include direct hire, Match Hire®, and contract / supplement staffing. Aureus Group is based in Omaha, Nebraska with regional offices located in Kansas City, Missouri; and Des Moines, Iowa. Aureus Group serves clients and candidates on a national scale, surfacing talented and experienced candidates for finance and accounting jobs, IT jobs, IS jobs, wealth management jobs, health care administration jobs, as well as opportunities for executive-level leadership. There is never a fee to a candidate for our services.