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AurElite Employee of the Quarter

At Aureus Group®, we're proud to have a team of account managers, recruiters, and support staff who are fully dedicated to the success of our candidates and client organizations. We recognize stand-out members of our staff on a quarterly basis and we involve our entire team in the process. Employees are nominated for Employee of the Quarter recognition by their fellow co-workers, who focus on who is going above and beyond and taking the extra steps to deliver exceptional service.

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Employee of the Quarter

Employee of the Quarter, Luke

AurElite Employee of the Quarter - Q4

"Luke has been a great addition to our team. He jumped right in, learned quickly, and has been very successful already! He has an excellent attitude and is an incredibly hard worker. Glad you're on our team, Luke!"

"Luke has been KILLING it since he got here and am so proud to be a colleague of his. He always has a positive attitude and has been such a good addition to our team!"

"Luke has been crushing his phone time and has made an immediate impact on the Iowa team! Keep up the great work!"


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