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Why Aureus Group

At Aureus Group, we're proud to have a team of account managers, recruiters, and support staff who are fully dedicated to the success of our candidates and client organizations. We recognize stand-out members of our staff on a quarterly basis and we involve our entire team in the process. Employees are nominated for Employee of the Quarter recognition by their fellow co-workers, who focus on who is going above and beyond and taking the extra steps to deliver exceptional service.

Employee of the Quarter – Lisa

Here are a few reasons why Lisa’s co-workers nominated her for this recognition:

  • Lisa is a high performer and always takes time to help her teammates.
  • Lisa is truly someone I admire! Her work ethic and dedication to her clients is amazing.
  • Lisa continues to dominate on the contract side of the busi

    ness, and she always come to work with a positive attitude and a true willingness to help her teammates in any way. I’m blessed to work with her each day!

  • Lisa has been a consistent player for many years and she continues to make placement after placement! She has a great attitude and a wonderful work ethic.
  • Lisa is a picture of consistency in our business, while still showing growth in her own personal book of business year after year. This past quarter, she carried the finance division on the temp side of our business and allowed us to stay close to our team goals. She is our MVP and I am so happy for her success.
  • Lisa is a fantastic example of how consistency and hard work always pays off.