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  • New Learning Approaches, Talent Needs Arise with changes in Area Employment

    Midlands Business Journal – December 25, 2015
    A 24-7 “on world is converging with skilled labor shortages and underemployment to drive new learning models and approaches to recruiting. Aureus Group regional manager Chris Walker noted many metro employers are experiencing growth and implementing systems and processes resulting in the need for interim and full-time professionals and to relieve current employees’ workloads. However, in its accounting, finance, IT, HR, and executive niches, staff have more opportunities than qualified candidates to fill them. Candidates in turn are getting multiple job offers and counter-offers. The competitive market for full-time employee is occurring amid low unemployment. “With the market being so tight right now, many local companies are looking to us to source and share qualified candidates for their critical roles at all levels, Walker said.

  • Consider Opportunities for Ggifting, Relief as Tax Filing Deadlines Approach.

    Midlands Business Journal – October 6, 2015
    As with the holidays, tax–filing deadlines will be here before we know it. Are you ready? Managing director Chris Carlson–Dennell’s Aureus Group is on the ground floor as it relates to tax preparation: its staffing services are targeted to fields that include accounting and finance. “We can help organizations plan ahead,” she said. “Corporate tax return preparation and submission follows a similar cyclical workflow each year. As a result, it is possible to prepare for the process far in advance of its annual arrival.” Carlson–Dennell suggests using prior–year experience as a tool for planning the upcoming year’s strategy. Learn from what was (and was not) effective in the past. “Ask your team these questions: ‘What challenges do you foresee?’ ‘What they think will be more complicated and will we need additional resources/hours?’” she said. To additional resources, proactive interviewing assures you are staffed with appropriate manpower prior to tax season. She noted even seasonal/temp workers are typically committed by November (for a January start). She also suggests training sessions and assigning mentors to new staff/temporaries a month before business season; creating flex work arrangements for employees to disperse hours; and providing access to email and shared drives from home to increase productivity while providing further flexibility. Consider business needs. “Look at your current workforce and try to find skill sets that balance or complement the current bench strength or competency gaps,” she said. “Education/CPA, experience, knowledge, talents and culture fit are all critical for this critical time.”

  • It Takes Creativity and Going Where the Tech People Go to Hire

    The Lincoln Business Journal – September 15, 2015
    Finding and attracting the right talent in the tech industry is a difficult task, especially with the state’s low unemployment rate. Kara Strong, senior IT sales executive of Aureus Gup in Lincoln, an affiliate of C&A Industries, Inc., said IT and information systems professionals are specifically scarce. “We work hard at being the thought leader in the space by leading user groups, sponsoring conferences, and supporting professional development, she said. “This allows us to know the candidate pool and truly understand their career aspirations so we can connect their competencies with a company that will also be a good culture fir. Many companies offer internal referral bonuses to their staff for referring their friends. Many times, they offer an even higher amount for the technical staff. She also has clients that have attractive paid time-off packages and flex hours, along with casual dress codes. “We find that companies who are very strict about their hours and dress code are having a very difficult time recruiting and retaining quality staff, Strong said.

  • Tight Job Market Makes it Difficult for Companies to Attract Workers

    Midlands Business Journal – August 21, 2015
    It’s a tough job market for area employers with Omaha’s low unemployment rate. Demand for employees is huge and the supply is low, said Linda Aughenbaugh, branch manager with Aureus Group, an affiliate of C&A Industries. “The demand for our services is as high as ever, she said. At Aureus Group it has been difficult to find people to fill all the requests being made for employees, Aughenbaugh said. It is especially difficult in the information technology industry where it is nearly impossible to find enough employees to fill openings, she added, nothing some companies are turning to temporary contracting employees to fill in, but even that is difficult. Some companies in other areas of the country are hiring employees who live in other states to work remotely, and Omaha companies should consider doing that, she said. It’s an amazing dynamic in the marketplace, she said of telecommuting.

  • Demand for Accountants High as Career Opportunities are Abundant

    Midlands Business Journal – July 10, 2015
    Those pursuing careers in the accounting industry are facing a promising job market. The accounting field is projected to have about 15 percent growth over the next five years, said Christine Walker, regional manager of Aureus Group, an affiliate of C&A Industries. Today’s accounting professionals are more of a business consultant versus the stereotypical “bean counter, Walker said. “We continue to see a steady demand for degreed accounting professionals with the ability to analyze and interpret data, identify areas of opportunity for improving profits and making recommendations for best practices for the organizations, she said. The educational requirements for accountants have been consistent with recent years. Most employers require a bachelor’s degree in accounting or other business-related major to be considered for professional accounting positions. For senior level accounting or management positions, some employers prefer advanced degrees such as master’s in business administration or a master’s in accounting, Walker said. A CPA license or certification may also be required depending on the position, she said.

  • IT Professional Job Opportunities Remain Robust as Demand is High

    Midlands Business Journal – April 10, 2015
    Information technology professionals continue to be in high demand in the Omaha metro. “I have been recruiting and staffing for 28 years and the demand for IT professionals is higher than ever, said Linda Aughenbaugh, branch manager at Aureus Group’s Systems division. The Omaha metro area has had fewer than 1 percent unemployment in IT for several years, Aughenbaugh said. “That means all the best talent is already employed, with relatively few IT professionals between contract engagements or full-time employment, she said. The skillsets with the most demand and those that command the highest salaries are application/Web/mobile developers, business intelligence analysts and cloud computing professionals. Organizations of all sizes are adopting cloud technology, providing much more opportunity for those with knowledge of the cloud, she said. One of the most effective ways to land the best job is to use your network, Aughenbaugh said. Make connections through co-workers, former co-workers, family and friends, mentors, previous managers and college placement coordinators. “There’s never been a better time to be a candidate in the IT field, she said.

  • Outsourced IT Provides Added Benefits

    Midlands Business Journal - March 13, 2015
    As technology gets more complicated, companies are outsourcing IT and help desk services to keep up on all the moving parts. Linda Aughenbaugh, recruiting manager of the Aureus Group, Systems Division, said that a small or medium-sized business often has limited resources for finding the talent to support an internal help desk. “Aureus Group assists firms which provide help desk and IT outsourcing by recruiting skilled IT professionals for their teams, she said. “We are able to provide help desk professionals on a contract basis. Help desk positions are a stepping stone and training ground for people new to IT or recent IT grads. “They may spend a year or two on the help desk and then will be ready for a more challenging IT job creating the need to backfill their position. It’s a high-turnover role because of this and requires constant recruiting, she said.

  • Networking, Referrals, Staffing Agencies Can Help to Meet Staffing Needs

    Midlands Business Journal – March 6, 2015
    When looking to fill staffing needs, staffing experts suggest finding qualified candidates through referrals, staffing agencies, and networking through social media and professional groups. Chris Carlson, managing director at Aureus Group said that the first step to finding new employees to fill staffing needs is to have the role and expectations clearly defined, and then determine the top three or four competencies required to be effective in the role and in the organization. “This information will be essential and is a successful sourcing campaign, Carlson said. She said that the best way to add talent to a company is through employee referrals but employee referrals do no typically meet the needs of growing organizations. Carlson said that some other sourcing options are job boards, social media, trade associations, and partnering with a specialized recruitment firm. In order to see if a candidate will be a good fit for the company, Carlson said during the interview process to be sure to align career aspirations with the mission, values, and goals of an organization. “This is critical for acquiring and retaining top talent, Carlson said. “Talent, skills, and knowledge, education and culture are what we consider when we recruit and interview for our customers and ourselves. Carlson also said that behavioral and performance based questions, references, skills and personality assessments are good practices to ensure a good fit.

  • Higher Education, Employment Outlook Positive with Additional Growth to Come

    Midlands Business Journal – January 15, 2014
    Higher education and employment in the Omaha area continue to flourish with big highlights in 2015 and more changes for the New Year. “Our finance and accounting divisions saw an increase in direct hire and a slight decrease in our temporary workforce, said Chris Carlson-Dennell, managing director at Aureus Group, an affiliate of C&A Industries. “On the contrary, our systems experts have seen an increase in the needs for contract temporary IT/IS talent. The supply and demand is definitely out of whack. Even with the local layoffs, the skills and salary expectations aren’t matching up with the career opportunities. Many candidates are pushing the “working remote envelop, but most of the Midwest has not fully adopted this option, she said. “Our pipeline reveals that all of our practice areas will see an uptick in hiring for contract and direct hire in the first quarter, she said.

  • Industry Job Opportunities Far Outweigh number of Qualifies Candidates

    Midlands Business Journal – October 17, 2014
    Information technology professionals are in consensus. Finding good IT talent is challenging and the need is tremendous. Good, talented IT professionals are hard to find, and companies need to realize that candidates with high skills will get multiple job offers, said Linda Aughenbaugh, recruiting manager for the systems division of Aureus Group. The IT profession is a candidate driven market and has been for a long time, Aughenbaugh said. The most growth and in-demand skills are Java and .Net developers, business intelligence, mobile developers, cloud technology and IT security. Moving quick in the hiring process will increase a company’s chances of securing talent. The area’s conservative nature is a weakness, Aughenbaugh said. More progressive companies recognize that a large percentage of IT work can be accomplished from anywhere, and many more people in Omaha and Lincoln telecommute for companies out of state because they can work at home, Aughenbaugh said. “Now that the market is tight again and will remain so, companies need to be more adaptable and flexible to attract the best talent, she said.

  • Cushion Uncertainty Associated with Tax changes with Dialogue, Organization

    Midlands Business Journal – October 10, 2014
    The duration of political standoffs is an uncertainty: paying taxes is not. “Corporate tax return preparation and submission follows a similar cyclical workflow each year, said Chris Carlson-Dennell, managing director of Aureus Group, an affiliate of C&A Industries. “As a result, it is possible to prepare for the process far in advance of its annual arrival. An important part of planning ahead is ensuring staff are continuously educating on process changes “ in a timely manner. “This lead time is important in arming staff at all levels with the right information and provides time for learning curves and determining if you need additional resources, she said. “Use the prior year’s experience as a tool for planning the upcoming year’s strategy. Learn from what was and was not effective in the past. What challenges are foreseen What complications are expected Are additional resources/hours needed? “When choosing a tax account it’s best to consider what your business needs, Carlson-Dennell said. “Look at your current workforce and try to find skillsets that balance or complement the current bench strength or competency gaps. Education/CPA, experience, knowledge, talents and taxes, she said, a strong commitment to the profession, a desire to understand the business and a “knack for clearing up the complicated. “There is never a one-size fits all endeavor so a history of curiosity, proactive communication and thorough documentation are required to be a successful tax expert, she said. Aureus Group’s Carlson-Dennell urges open communication and a commitment to move fast when talent is presented. “Finding tax experts is getting more challenging every day, she said. “Talent drives strategy for all organizations. “Hiring managers should consistently look for individuals with tax experience. Proactive interviewing ensures organizations are staffed with the appropriate manpower before the tax season begins. Even seasonal (temp) tax workers are typically committed to an employer by November for a January start.

  • Continued Improvement in Job Market Requires Vigilance, Fresh Approaches

    Midlands Business Journal – August 22, 2014
    If one were force to isolate a singular “trend coloring the employment environment, it might very well be the need for hires in an already-low unemployment market presenting new challenges and opportunities alike for job seekers, employers, and the staffing firms that partner with these groups. In the areas Aureus Group specializes in (finance and accounting, information systems, executive-level positions), managing director Chris Carlson-Dennell said career transitions usually result in a pay decrease. For those considering such a change, she urges self-awareness. “Aligning your talents and cultural fit is equally if not more important than the skills, experiences and knowledge, she said. “Unfortunately employers hire for skills, experience and knowledge but turnover most likely occurs due to personal conflicts and cultural fit. Does one need a job for economic, social or achievement needs, she noted, adding that price is, “an expensive career-derailer. “If you are serious about making a change, it’s critical to understand the industry, study trends, and observe external environments, she said. “Successful career transitions are made when candidates are able to articulate their passion for the industry and incorporate this information into social settings and formal interviews. Help people help you by being clear and concise about your goals."

  • Complexities in Health Care Administration Driving Increased Demand for Consultants

    Midlands Business Journal – July 11, 2014
    Changes in Medicare and implementation of the Affordable Care Act have driven the growing demand for specialized accounting services and consulting. The massive ACA is a game changer for the health care industry, said Chris Carlson-Dennell, managing director of Aureus Group, an affiliate of C&A Industries. “Healthcare reform is complicated, she said. “The rules are different, the oversight is more encompassing, and the only certainty is that the incredible complexities will continue. This gives CPAs, attorneys and consultants a unique position to assist their clients in navigating through the reform. Carlson-Dennell said healthcare reform is delaying business decisions, including hiring for small businesses. Some small firms have decided to drop coverage “even though it means paying a fine and encourage employees to purchase their own insurance through the new exchanges. Many organizations are moving to high-deductible plans, lowering premiums, and giving their employees tax-saving options and more consumer responsibility for their providers and costs of services. “We’ve also seen large companies hiring temporary or full-time benefit specialists to assist with the insurance changes, she said. “A major challenge is that health care reform comes with a time table that stretches out through 2015 and beyond. The IRS and other government agencies will be giving more details as they go, and standard practice will continue to evolve. Changing times result in more specialized accounting, legal, and consulting careers.

  • Finding Qualified Talent to Fill IT Positions Can Be a Challenge for Many Companies

    Midlands Business Journal – June 27, 2014
    Information technology jobs are hot and workers are in demand, but companies increasingly are finding it difficult to find good talent. The talent pool is getting smaller due to fewer students entering related disciplines in college, said Jillian Huston, sales manager with Aureus Group, an affiliate of C&A Industries. Companies that have the talent have been steadily offering higher salaries along with other perks to keep their workforce in place. The number of IT workers continues to shrink as fewer students enter IT-related studies in college, Huston said, Companies are pulling out all the stops to keep the talent they have, including incentive bonuses, free breakfasts and lunches, and gym memberships. “When candidates do start to seek out other opportunities, there are typically multiple companies vying for them and so the odds of landing top talent is on the decline, she said. The most qualified IT professionals are not posting their resumes online. They are using alternative strategies like networking groups, social media and technology-focused events. Companies need to differentiate themselves to make their opportunity stand out, Huston said. Partnering with experienced technology recruiters can help uncover talent when the supply is low as well.

  • Using Employment Agencies Can Assist Companies, candidates in Job Searches

    Midlands Business Journal – May 9, 2014
    Sometimes people need assistance finding the right job and companies need assistance finding the right employees. Local staffing agencies are a great resource to supplement local businesses with the talent they need to grow their business, said Chris Marx, manager at Aureus Group ? Executive Search. ?Many searches are not advertised and thus using a staffing agency will introduce talented people to these positions,? Marx said. Since talent is coveted by every organization in the metropolitan area, local staffing agencies are great options to help businesses find that talent, Marx said. Part of the value of working with a staffing agency is providing a business with applicants who may not be actively seeking employment. ?One of the concerns many job seekers have is the time and effort it takes to search for a different opportunity,? he said. ?We alleviate some of those concerns by being an eye on the street to bring appropriate opportunities to applicants.? Job candidates who use employment firms can become more efficient in a job search, Marx said. A staffing firm representative has contacts with hiring officials throughout the area, region or country. Additionally, searching for a new opportunity and making an emotional investment regarding a job change can be hard for some people. ?Having the ability to work with a professional that will assist a job seeker with guidance, networking tips and general job search information is priceless,? he said.

  • Aureus Group Parent Company, C&A Industries, Named #1 Employment Agency by B2B Magazine

    March 17, 2014
    C&A Industries, Inc., a national leader in staffing and the parent company of Aureus Group, has been named the #1 Employment Agency in Omaha by B2B Magazine. This marks the sixth consecutive year that C&A has been recognized among the "Best of B2B". The announcement was featured in the publication's March issue. Aureus Group, one of four of C&A's staffing and recruitment firms, specializes in the areas of finance & accounting, information technology & information systems, and executive search. The publication's annual "Best of B2B" awards, with results based on readers' votes, recognizes the top businesses and service providers in the Omaha area. B2B is Greater Omaha's premiere business publication, featuring the latest business developments as well as features on Omaha?s most prominent business leaders. "Our employees are the heart of C&A, so to be recognized as the best among employment firms is a testament to the level of dedication and commitment to excellence of those across our entire organization," said Scot Thompson, CEO, C&A Industries. "It's through their outstanding efforts that we are collectively able to serve our customers in such an extraordinary fashion."

  • Be Prepared: Job Candidates Should Set Out to Fill in the Gaps

    Midlands Business Journal – February 21, 2014
    Finding a job can be challenging enough. One factor that can make it even more challenging is if the job seeker has been out of the job market for a while. Starting with a trusted network is a good way to begin to get back into the job market, said Christ Carlson-Dennell, managing director of Aureus Group, an affiliate of C&A Industries. Those who haven’t searched for a job in many years should create a clear, concise objective, Carlson-Dennell said. Those who do not know what they are looking for will not be able to find it. Begin by answering a few questions. What are your criteria in selecting an employer? What skills, experiences, knowledge, and talents do you want to use? Where do you want to be in three to five years?“ Use your trusted network of past employers, customers, vendors, co-workers friends and family, she said. “It’s true, who you know matters.

  • Employment Experts Report Steady Job Market in Metro Area

    Midlands Business Journal – November 29, 2013
    Omaha’s job market is being described as strong and steady, with worker shortages in some industries and hiring to increase. “The overall job market is strong in Omaha, and a shortage of talented workers is being seen in some areas, said Chris Carlson, managing director of Aureus Group, an affiliate of C&A Industries. “There are not, however, enough talented workers to fill needed positions in certain areas like information technology, accounting, financing, and engineering, Carlson said. The supply and demand issue with candidates in the clerical, customer service, and light industrial production is a challenge as well. The highest demanded skill sets in Aureus area of expertise is application developers, tax and audit professionals and health care administrators. While workers are being relocated to Omaha, it appears Omaha is losing more talent to Chicago and Kansas City tan it is acquiring, Carlson said. Healthcare is a big issue, she said. “The reality of the Affordable Care Act is that companies need more clerical assistance and are using supplemental staffing even more than before, she said.

  • Outsourcing, Cloud and Contract Solutions Provide Options

    Midlands Business Journal - July 12, 2013
    Accounting or finance contractors are in high demand at all levels, said Christine Walker, branch manager with Aureus Group, an affiliate of C&A Industries. “We have many clients undergoing system implementations and conversions, so we’re seeing a need for contact employees to assist with the increased work flow, she said. “A company may refocus its core staff ion the implementation and then will utilize contract staff to cover the daily responsibilities. We also have clients in need of contracting accounting professionals due to mergers and acquisitions and companies who have transferred accounting functions to a different location so they may be in need of hiring direct hire or full-time staff. Businesses are looking for accounting and finance professionals with 4-7 ears of experience, Walker said. “A lot of businesses are looking to groom these candidates for the next level within their organization and also look to them to develop creative solutions and to problem solve, she added.

  • Staffing Firms Strive to Achieve the Right Fit Between Employer and Employee

    Midlands Business Journal – May 10, 2013
    Whether you are en employer trying to find the right people to fill permanent or temporary jobs or a job seeker sending out resumes to no avail, a staffing firm can help give you direction and practical advice to help you achieve your goals. In greater Omaha, as opposed to so many urban areas throughout the country, we have a very low unemployment rate, currently around 3.7 percent, said Chris Carlson, managing director of Aureus Group, a division of C7A Industries. “Most of the top talent, especially in higher administrative jobs, is already employed. We recruit them for various positions. Employed job seekers “dont want to jeopardize their current positions while looking for alternatives, she said. “They're also too busy to do all the work involved in searching for a new job. They want to build a confidential relationship with us. “We do a lot of training of our account managers so they can identify problems within a business that might be causing frequent turnover, Carlson said. “It's can't all be rosy. We want to spend time getting to understand our business client's compelling story to avoid “first date syndrome when the company hires new people.


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