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Resources are Abundant for Employers, HR Specialists in Challenging Environment

Midlands Business Journal – June 23, 2017
Aureus Group

Aureus Group regional manager Chris Walker said employers are becoming more “employee-centric”; listening to wants and needs, and conducting workplace engagement surveys or “stay interviews.” “Many employees are also looking for communication from their leaders about their path within the organization, and if there is no room for growth in terms of your typical promotion, what other opportunities are there for the employee to gain additional skills?” she said. Aureus Group’s Walker said it’s important to recognize one’s brand, and to improve it through providing timely responses to employee thoughts, ideas and questions. “We often hear from candidates that one of the reasons they are exploring other opportunities is because they don’t feel like they are being listened to.” She said. “If an employee comes to you with an idea or question, make sure to listen and respond. If you don’t have an answer today, let them know that you will check on it and get back to them and then name sure you follow–up.”

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