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Flexibility, Bigger Salaries Helping Boost Momentum in IT Job Market

Midlands Business Journal – June 23, 2017
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The job market in in Omaha has been picking up momentum since the beginning of the year with the second quarter showing higher demand and more candidate movement, said Bruce Peterson, regional manager, Systems division of Aureus Group. “We have several clients that are looking to add 20 to 30 IT professionals both on a contract basis as well as for direct hire scenarious,” he said.” “Candidates are also gaining confidence in seeking new opportunities, which for the past several quarters many had not been open to leaving their existing jobs for new ones given their perception of uncertainty in the market.” He said in the near future, many IT positions and roles will come wrapped with a “nice to have” or “must have” requirement of working in DevOps environment as well. “DevOps refers to a set of practices around collaboration and communication between developers and IT operations,” Peterson said. “IT strives to create an environment and culture for frequent and rapid release software for a reliable, continuous delivery approach.” Most companies are offering flexibility and comfortable work environments to compete for talent these days, he said. “Working from home for at least part of the week is becoming more and more prevalent,” he said. When they are in the office, those environments have become more comfortable with a relaxed dress code as well as adjustable workstations to allow sitting and standing while you work.”


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