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Businesses Arm Themselves with Tools, Strategies to Fight Talent War

Midlands Business Journal — August 18, 2017

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More than one experienced staffing professional has described the environment to recruit talent as a “war”. Are businesses ready to compete? As it relates to career transitions, Aureus Group Managing Director Chis Carlson-Dennell said most have been in niche markets of accounting/finance, information systems and technology, and executive leadership – driven by positions being eliminated at large local employers; for example, she spoke of a move from manufacturing to business and financial services. “Another ongoing trend is low unemployment,” she said. “The unemployment rate is actually negative in the ‘knowledge workforce,’ and yet there are fewer people in the workforce as a whole.” Organizations are struggling to find talent, Carlson-Dennell said, so offshoring continues – especially in tech. “Talent acquisition experts are inundated with unqualified applicants, and this makes it challenging to get to the qualified passive candidates quickly,” she said. “The biggest complaint from high-potential candidates is the lack of feedback and the time it takes for organizations to move to interview and offer stages.” She said it’s not uncommon to see top talent getting two to three offers. “The war for talent is real and organizations are investing more in development and culture to help retain and attract new talent,” Carlson-Dennell said.


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