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Mind Connectivity, Office Amenities to Create a Harmonious Workplace

Midlands Business Journal – March 31, 2017

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It takes a number of firms and different types of professionals to make a harmonious and productive office, from products suppliers and service providers to consultants on the people/talent side. “We have seen trends with more modern and open work environments where there are casual spaces for teammates to collaborate and brainstorm, open concept breakrooms with full kitchens, catered lunches and sometimes even happy hours or game rooms with pool tables, air hockey, and video games,” said Chris Walker, regional manager of C&A Industries’ affiliate Aureus Group, when asked about the office environment as a “recruitment tool:” Generally, Walker said, employers are becoming more employee-centric listening to employees’ wants and needs. “Many employer are conducting work place engagement surveys or ‘stay interviews’ when employees are given the opportunity to communicate ideas or suggestions that would increase their happiness at work,” Walker said. “Many employees are also looking for communication from their leaders about their path within the organization, and if there is no room for growth in terms of your typical promotion, what other opportunities are there for the employee to gain additional skills?” Walker suggests organizations provide timely communication and responses to employee’ thoughts, ideas and questions - to improve one’s brand. “We often hear from candidates that one of the reasons they are exploring other opportunities is because they don’t feel like they are being listened to,” she said. “In today’s world, most employers are only responding to the candidates who are a fit for the position they are hiring for today,” she said.


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