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Retaining best employees starts with hiring process, partnering with agency

Midlands Business Journal – May 27, 2016

One of the hottest trends to hire the right candidates is social recruiting. “The tools, techniques, and best practices are evolving. LinkedIn is an amazing tool and has free and paid options,” said Chris Carlson-Dennell, managing director at Aureus Group, an affiliate of C&A Industries. “That said, it is time consuming and not something to just do occasionally. The challenge for small businesses is in order for social recruiting to be effective it has to happen continually with the employer brand.” Small businesses have the luxury of more customized rewards and personal incentives to entice top job candidates. “Finding out what is most important to their employees individually and responding accordingly is my recommendation,” she said. “Favorite restaurants, movie tickets, time off to spend with kids or elderly parents, cash and public recognition for a job well done are a few of the most popular rewards recently.” Finding out what makes people ticket and align their strengths with the business goals can go a long way in retaining good employees, Carlson-Dennell said.

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