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Staffing firms strive to achieve the right fit between employer and employee

Midlands Business Journal – May 10, 2013

Whether you are en employer trying to find the right people to fill permanent or temporary jobs or a job seeker sending out resumes to no avail, a staffing firm can help give you direction and practical advice to help you achieve your goals. In greater Omaha, as opposed to so many urban areas throughout the country, we have a very low unemployment rate, currently around 3.7 percent,” said Chris Carlson, managing director of Aureus Group, a division of C7A Industries. “Most of the top talent, especially in higher administrative jobs, is already employed. We recruit them for various positions.” Employed job seekers “don”t want to jeopardize their current positions while looking for alternatives,” she said. “They're also too busy to do all the work involved in searching for a new job. They want to build a confidential relationship with us.” “We do a lot of training of our account managers so they can identify problems within a business that might be causing frequent turnover,” Carlson said. “It's can't all be rosy. We want to spend time getting to understand our business client's compelling story to avoid “first date syndrome” when the company hires new people.”