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Tight job market makes it difficult for companies to attract workers

Midlands Business Journal – August 21, 2015

It’s a tough job market for area employers with Omaha’s low unemployment rate. Demand for employees is huge and the supply is low, said Linda Aughenbaugh, branch manager with Aureus Group, an affiliate of C&A Industries. “The demand for our services is as high as ever,” she said. At Aureus Group it has been difficult to find people to fill all the requests being made for employees, Aughenbaugh said. It is especially difficult in the information technology industry where it is nearly impossible to find enough employees to fill openings, she added, nothing some companies are turning to temporary contracting employees to fill in, but even that is difficult. Some companies in other areas of the country are hiring employees who live in other states to work remotely, and Omaha companies should consider doing that, she said. It’s an amazing dynamic in the marketplace, she said of telecommuting.