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Aiming to avoid costly hiring missteps, more small businesses utilize staffing services

Midlands Business Journal – May 11, 2018
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Businesses of all sizes face obstacles when it comes to finding, hiring, and raining talent. “Most business owners wear many hats and need to focus on their core business,” said Chris Carlson, managing director at Aureus Group - an affiliate of C&A Industries, Inc. “Partnering with a staffing service lowers opportunity costs by allowing the owner and key personnel to stay focused on their business while the recruiting/staffing experts attract, recruit, interview, screen, reference and coordinate interviews with talent that not only has the competencies but fits culturally.” The low unemployment rate requires recruiting strategies that go beyond traditional postings, Carlson said. “The cost of the unfilled position is very expensive and the staffing fee is less expensive than a bad hire,” she said. Contract with option to hire, or the “working interview,” Carlson said, is popular with small, medium and large organizations. “This gives the employee and employer the hands-on opportunity to align career aspirations with the business goals to ensure a long-term fit prior to making a full-time hire,” she said.


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