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Developing best leadership pipeline can be crucial to smooth succession

Midlands Business Journal — Febraury 24, 2017
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Developing a leadership pipeline is one of the most important things n organization can do to ensure the business is not a t risk. Chris Carlson-Dennell, managing director or Aureus Group , an affiliate of C&A Industries, said succession planning is a collective approach to aligning business initiatives with talent. “A defined, agreed-upon talent strategy is the road map needed to provide transparent communication,” she said. “HR can assist the organization’s leadership in defining the succession plan, but it needs to be lived by the leadership.” “It’s a good thing to bring in talent and experiences into an organically grown organization,” Carlson-Dennell said. “We all learn from each other. It doesn’t matter if you’re part of a small or large organization. Being a part of something greater than ourselves and feeling like we impact lives and organizations positively results in happy employees, happy customers, higher retention, and an increased bottom line.”


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