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Employment experts report steady job market in metro area

Midlands Business Journal – November 29, 2013

Omaha’s job market is being described as strong and steady, with worker shortages in some industries and hiring to increase. “The overall job market is strong in Omaha, and a shortage of talented workers is being seen in some areas,” said Chris Carlson, managing director of Aureus Group, an affiliate of C&A Industries. “There are not, however, enough talented workers to fill needed positions in certain areas like information technology, accounting, financing, and engineering, Carlson said. The supply and demand issue with candidates in the clerical, customer service, and light industrial production is a challenge as well. The highest demanded skill sets in Aureus” area of expertise is application developers, tax and audit professionals and health care administrators. While workers are being relocated to Omaha, it appears Omaha is losing more talent to Chicago and Kansas City tan it is acquiring, Carlson said. Healthcare is a big issue, she said. “The reality of the Affordable Care Act is that companies need more clerical assistance and are using supplemental staffing even more than before,” she said.