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Finding qualified talent to fill IT positions can be a challenge for many companies

Midlands Business Journal – June 27, 2014

Information technology jobs are hot and workers are in demand, but companies increasingly are finding it difficult to find good talent. The talent pool is getting smaller due to fewer students entering related disciplines in college, said Jillian Huston, sales manager with Aureus Group, an affiliate of C&A Industries. Companies that have the talent have been steadily offering higher salaries along with other perks to keep their workforce in place. The number of IT workers continues to shrink as fewer students enter IT-related studies in college, Huston said, Companies are pulling out all the stops to keep the talent they have, including incentive bonuses, free breakfasts and lunches, and gym memberships. “When candidates do start to seek out other opportunities, there are typically multiple companies vying for them and so the odds of landing top talent is on the decline,” she said. The most qualified IT professionals are not posting their resumes online. They are using alternative strategies like networking groups, social media and technology-focused events. Companies need to differentiate themselves to make their opportunity stand out, Huston said. Partnering with experienced technology recruiters can help uncover talent when the supply is low as well.