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Continued improvement in job market requires vigilance, fresh approaches

Midlands Business Journal – August 22, 2014

If one were force to isolate a singular “trend” coloring the employment environment, it might very well be the need for hires in an already-low unemployment market ” presenting new challenges and opportunities alike for job seekers, employers, and the staffing firms that partner with these groups. In the areas Aureus Group specializes in (finance and accounting, information systems, executive-level positions), managing director Chris Carlson-Dennell said career transitions usually result in a pay decrease. For those considering such a change, she urges self-awareness. “Aligning your talents and cultural fit is equally if not more important than the skills, experiences and knowledge,” she said. “Unfortunately employers hire for skills, experience and knowledge but turnover most likely occurs due to personal conflicts and cultural fit.” Does one need a job for economic, social or achievement needs, she noted, adding that price is, “an expensive career-derailer.” “If you are serious about making a change, it’s critical to understand the industry, study trends, and observe external environments,” she said. “Successful career transitions are made when candidates are able to articulate their passion for the industry and incorporate this information into social settings and formal interviews. Help people help you by being clear and concise about your goals."