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Investments in culture key strategy for retention in Omaha job market

November 17, 2017 – Midlands Business Journal
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Underemployment, niche staffing, the role culture plays in talent attraction and technology plays in litigation exposure are among myriad factors affecting employers and their organization-partners. “There are a lot of under-employed professionals in Omaha,” said Chris Carlson-Dennell, managing director of Aureus Group, a C&A Industries division. “Although our unemployment rate continues to lead the nation, we need to be cognizant of the fact that we have a nimble business community driven by small to medium-sized companies. She said internal shifts in strategy and external market pressures are so “accelerated” that planning often feels as “obsolete as fax machines.” “And planning using yesterday’s information is not insightful or predictive enough,” she said. “Although the majority of organizational leaders are certainly vocal about the pain caused by not having the right people on the bus, they still don’t seem to find the time to seriously align their people strategy with their business plan and budget.” Carlson-Dennell also notes that as the economy is rebounding, its customers’ competition demands “hyper-speed” when bringing products and services to market. “Yes, the traditional solution of adding headcount isn’t an option,” she said. “And the innovation that will be required to lead organizations into the future is stunted by their inability to attract and maximize talent effectively.” To align people strategy to one’s business mission and goals, Aureus Group’s Carlson-Dennell recommends objectively looking at one’s culture and the consistency of mission, values, and day-to-day actions; examining bench strength and talent gaps to assess one’s current workforce demographic and skills; designing a development and succession plan that is communicated to high potential employees; and building a recruiting plan to attract, recruit, assess, and on-board top talent – and selecting a strategic search and staffing firm that helps achieve one’s goals. “Strategies are remarkably similar from one company to another,” she said. “The difference is execution: attracting the right talent, keeping them, and then unlocking their potential.”


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